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Orangetown Town Clerk Closing Arguments: Rosanna Sfraga

The Orangetown Town Clerk Election on Tuesday, November 6 features Rosanna Sfraga (R) running against Robert Tompkins (D). Polls are open from 6a to 9p. Visit the Rockland County Board of Elections to learn where to vote.

by Orangetown Town Clerk Candidate Rosanna Sfraga
On August 7, 2018 I was appointed by the Town Board to the position of Town Clerk. As a life-long resident of Orangetown, I was honored to have been chosen from a number of applicants interviewed to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of our previous Town Clerk Charlotte Madigan. Prior to submitting my letter of intent and resume to the Town Board I investigated the job description, powers and duties of both the Town Clerk and Receiver of Taxes. For decades the Town Clerk has been known as the “keeper of all Town records”, but the Clerk does much more: attends all meetings of the Town Board, keeps complete and accurate records of all proceedings and of all propositions adopted, opens all bids, certifies contracts, issues multiple licenses and permits and secures all town records.
In 2013 the Town Board passed a local law that abolished the office of Receiver of Taxes and consolidated its authority and responsibilities into the office of the Town Clerk effective January 1, 2018. Although the concept of consolidation was new to Orangetown, 28% of Town Clerks in New York also serve as Receiver of Taxes. The responsibility of the Town Clerk now includes the duty to collect and receive all state, county and town taxes and assessments, including all fees, interest and penalties that may be levied, depositing and disbursing these funds. The procedures by which this is done are statutory and defined in NYS Town Law along with NYS Real Property Tax Law.
The position of Town Clerk is apolitical. All powers and duties of the office are mandated by NYS Law. The Clerk does not set town policy, has no part in the calculation of town taxes (warrants are issued by the Tax Assessor) and is beholden to no political affiliation. The Clerk is only beholden to the residents of Orangetown whose only interaction with town government is, many times, with the Town Clerk. With that in mind, since taking office I have initiated a number of changes to make the office more accessible and user-friendly to all town residents.
Extending office hours on Thursday from 9a – 7p. Opening the office on the last Saturday of the month from 9a – 12n. Accepting credit and debit cards for payment of all transactions (please note that the Receiver of Taxes accepted tax payments by credit cards on-line only and did not accept American Express. The Clerk’s office never accepted credit or debit cards). Making forms available on-line, fillable and able to submit (unless I.D. is required).
I have successfully collected over $170 million in school taxes and am implementing new technology systems to produce efficiencies and reduce cost including going paperless where possible – Go Green! With 40 years of private business experience inter-acting with the public, managing employees and implementing new systems as our digital age demands, I look forward to bringing the Town Clerk’s office into the 21st Century.
In September, I was nominated by four political parties and have since received endorsements from the Orangetown PBA, Orangetown CSEA, Southern NY Region CSEA and Our Town News.
I would greatly appreciate your vote on Nov. 6 so I can continue to serve the residents of Orangetown. Prompt, Accurate, Courteous Service is my policy.
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