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Photo Of The Year: Frank LoBuono

So many days, so many images. If you were a photographer and were asked to choose your favorite photo amongst the hundreds or thousands you shot in 2013, which picture would you choose? That’s the challenge we gave to some of our favorite local photographers. Pick a picture and tell us why it’s your favorite.

Today, Nyack’s Frank LoBuono shares a photo of a fire in the sky during the 2013 fire on the mountain.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

"Looks Can Be Deceiving," Nyack post-Clausland Mountain fire, 11-15-2013 Photo Credit: ©2013 Frank LoBuonoFLoBuono_2013FotoYear

The air in Nyack was thick with the acrid smoke the day before this photo was taken. Time stamp 11-15-2013 6:59:58 am: the sunrise over the Hudson on the second day of the Clausland Mountain fire. Having covered wild fires in California as a news photographer, I was familiar with that smell. But, in Nyack? In my 30 plus years living in the village, it was NOT a smell that I was accustomed to.

I knew that fires of that size spew enough smoke and particulate matter into the atmosphere as to create wonderful effects if the light hits it just right. As an early riser living only a short walk from the Hudson, it was easy to grab my coat and camera and head to the river. The smoke and ash in the air that morning created a spectacular Hudson sunrise.  It was easy to believe that the gods of fire were smiling that morning as the sky blazed in angry shades of red.

It’s yin and yang. Breathtaking beauty was born of fiery destruction.

Frank LoBuono has lived in Nyack for over 30 years writing and covering Rockland County in print, on TV and online. He works as a cameraman and an editor for a major TV News organization. You can read his blog at

Photo Credit: ©2013 Frank LoBuono

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