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Nyack School Board Closing Argument 2023: Mike Rothenbucher

Nyack School Board candidate Mike Rothenbucher makes his case to voters below. He posted this “closing statement” on his Facebook page.

Dr. Betty Rosa, the NYS Commissioner of Education recently wrote:

“If there’s one thing every parent and teacher knows it’s that each child is unique, each learns differently, and each has a distinctive way of demonstrating what they know and can do.”

As a trustee, I would seek to find balance and compromise by listening to all voices in our district. I would also try to find a way to include all students without prioritizing one group over another. It is not lost on me that although I am a resident of Valley Cottage, my job as a trustee would be to represent the whole of our community. I hope to make decisions as a board member based on partnerships and collaborations with my fellow trustees and community-wide input.

I came to the decision to run for trustee as an altruistic one. The same as when I became a police officer. I wanted to HELP others. The truth is though, this campaign was a difficult one. I can only assume because I am not much for social media, the narratives made up about me were bound to come. I will not repeat the things I have heard about me because of where I happen to reside or my career choice. (I regret neither.) But I will say that those rumors and innuendo were especially hard to comprehend coming from members of a district that so highly values inclusivity and acceptance. I will further add that I was not the only NTA-endorsed candidate to have to endure them.

I want to sincerely thank Jenn Manca for having the courage to do this with me as another first-timer in this crazy arena and I would also like to thank James Marshall for his insight and support. I hope I get the opportunity to continue to work with the both of you in the future.

I also wish to thank the Nyack Teachers Association, along with my friends and family for their support through this endeavor.

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