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Nyack School Board Closing Argument 2023: Jen Marraccino

Nyack School Board candidateJen Marraccino’s delivers her “closing argument” to voters below.

As a nine-year Nyack School Board member and current Board President, I believe I have the experience and historical knowledge that provide critical context to support our new Superintendent and to make measurable progress to support ALL students in achieving their full potential. 

I’ve learned how to listen to multiple perspectives and ideas and build consensus. I believe that our parents, students and teachers can contribute important solutions and that we need to engage with respect, and authentically listen to our community stakeholders.   

I’ve played lead roles in developing critical policies around racial equity, homework, dress-code, sexual harassment and passed eight tax-compliant budgets including critical safety enhancements. I know we need to continually innovate curriculum to prepare all students for tomorrow’s world.   

I understand the challenges and opportunities that exist to achieve equity for black and brown, LGBTQ+ and special education students.  

And last but not least, I’m a mom of four with my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the schools currently and what our children need to be prepared to succeed in the world beyond.   

I’m running for re-election to continue and to enhance the positive work we are doing. I truly believe we all want the same thing, our kids to be happy, healthy, successful and have the ability to get a fulfilling job. We may have slightly different ideas of how to get there, but we can all agree that this job is about the kids. 

Thank you for your vote on Tuesday so I can continue to work to ensure Nyack schools are the best they can be! 

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