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Take The Survey: Should South Nyack Be Dissolved?

This week South Nyack voters will go to the polls to answer a yes/no question about the future of the village. Regardless of whether or not the dissolution referendum passes, there will still be many questions to be answered. We’ve created a three minute, 11 question survey to try to answer some of these questions.

The survey is open to everyone — not just South Nyack residents because the issues that prompted the citizens petition and the dissolution vote are not unique to South Nyack. Will a Yes vote in South Nyack start a chain reaction of adjacent villages falling like dominoes? Does a successful No vote mean “business as usual” for local governments, or does it mean citizens are dissatisfied with elected leaders but don’t want to throw our 142 years of local governance?

Visit this link to take the survey.

But first, please take a minute to read the following message.


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Need more background on the issues concerning the South Nyack Dissolution vote? Here’s a list of articles and op-ed’s we’ve published recently on this topic.

Arguments For:

Arguments Against:

See also:

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