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There’s Still Time! 10 Easy Steps to Make a Difference Phone Banking

woman ordering solar power on phonePhone banking can be daunting. But it makes a difference. And with a few days left to vote, there’s still time for you to make calls. Here is a 10-step guide to phone banking by activists Maya Quetzali and Beth Golison:

Do Some Research

  • Take 15 min before to find out more about candidates.
  • Open docs or websites with info that you can access quickly while talking to voters.
  • Write key dates, hotlines, and websites on a sticky note.

Know Why You’re Calling

  • What inspires you most about this candidate? What issues are important to you and why?

Bring Positive Energy!

  • Smile while you dial!
  • Focus on the incredible change you are about to make and get EXCITED as you begin your calls! YAY!

Sound Like a Human

  • Have an actual conversation with the voter on the other end of the phoen! Feel free to go off script a little bit.

Ask What’s Important to Them

  • Especially if you’re persuading someone to vote for your candidate, find out what issues matter to them!

Get Personal!

  • Let the voter know why you care and how issues have impacted you. Tie in the candidate’s plan to your real life and the voter’s.

Be Honest

  • You can tell the voter you’re making calls because these issues matter to you! If you know don’t something, that’s okay! You can look it up in your doc or follow up.

Ask If You Can Follow Up

  • Ask if you can text at this number.
  • Send info, links, or continue the conversation!
  • Screenshot their info, research the issue, and text (or email) back ASAP!

The Unapologetic Hard Ask

  • Whether you’re asking them to volunteer or remind friends to vote, ask confidently! You’re asking because this matters.

Bring Your Friends!

  • This is our last chance. This week is all we’ve got. Get your friends on the phones with you!


For more information on what races to focus on, which candidates to support, and how to get involved, refer to the following Democracy Tech spreadsheet.

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