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Sunday: Make Some Noise for Hospital Workers, First Responders

by Jen White

On Sunday March 29, let our health care workers and our first responders know how much we value their incredible bravery and hard work. At exactly 7p, step out on your front porch or into your front yard and make some noise for one minute.

Grab a pan and a spoon, a kazoo, an instrument, your voice, a drum, anything that can make some noise and let’s create a racket that reaches into the ether! If you live in an apartment, stand on your balcony, throw open a window, or take to the streets (at a socially acceptable distance, of course!) We can’t stand side by side with them as they battle for us… but we sure can let them know that they are not alone.

This is one of the ways that S Nyack residents Annie Hekker Weis, Paul Weiss show their support for Nyack Montefiore hospital.

It doesn’t matter if you are in South Nyack, Upper Nyack, Central Nyack, West Nyack, or beyond… MAKE SOME NOISE!!! (As a bonus: I think it will help us, our kids, everyone blow off a little stress steam)

The more the merrier…and the louder the better! Please pass this on. The more people who know this is happening , the louder the racket AND the fewer shocked adults or woken babies we will cause. We picked 7p because it’s a shift change at Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

Check out Facebook Live for a countdown (or just use your trusty clock!) just before we step outside to raise some appreciative ruckus.

Jen White served as mayor of Nyack from 2012-2017.

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