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Moments in Time: Photos or Paintings?

Rockland County artist Irv Suss’s new exhibit, Moments in Time, is abstract in design and exquisite in execution. The exhibit will be on view July 11-28 at the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery. There is an artist’s opening reception on Friday, July 12 from 5-8p.

Suss’s abstract art is often a flight of fancy. The imagination at work, or at play, where the real juxtaposes with the surreal. There is a high energy playfulness that vibrates off the canvas.  Lines, shapes, textures, symmetries and asymmetries are there to be explored, to be arranged, and rearranged. Nothing is assumed. While he starts out with a plan, at some point the imagination takes over and the image begins to guide itself. Something new and unique emerges as lines bend, change, or disappear entirely. Colors, and shapes shift and play off each other creating a new image. A new reality is created, but reality is subjective. Artistic limits like rules are to be avoided.  Each image is unique and entirely the product of Irv’s imagination as expressed on the canvas.  Every person will view it and react to it in their own unique way.

His abstract canvas creations are typically based on his original photographs.  They provide the starting point of each abstract creation, to de-construct and reassemble a new reality with a new energy which emerges.

The question most often asked about the essence of Irv’s work is:  Is it photography?  Is it a painting?  Is it a digital creation?  You’ll have to come to the exhibit and discover what it is.  A closer look might reveal the answer.

Moments in Time will be on view from July 11 – 28 at the Piermont Fine Art Gallery at 218 Ash Street, Piermont, NY.  Regular hours are:  Thursday and Sundays 1:00 – 6:00pm and Fridays and Saturdays 1:00 – 9:00pm.  For more information visit

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