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Earth Matters Wins Environmental Hero Award

Last month two local environmental nonprofits did something they had never done before. On May 19, Rockland Sierra Club and  presented their Environmental Hero award to a local journalist who writes about environmental and sustainability subjects every week. The recipient? Nyack News and Views’s own Earth Matters columnist, Susan Hellauer.
Hellauer was given the award for her outstanding environmental reporting, focusing on conservation, sustainability, recycling, and healthy living. For the past four years, she has covered environmental issues, both small and glacial, with creativity, occasional whimsy, and the seriousness that these issue deserves. “We wanted to recognize [Susan’s] fine environmental journalism,” said Rockland Sierra Club Leader Peggy Kurtz, “and to thank you to Nyack News & Views for making it available to the community.”
Some highlights from Hellauer’s weekly Earth Matters column include her reporting on the foul odors coming from Aluf Plastics’ local facility, local bag legislation, and the health of the Hudson. She has guided readers on environmental best practices, interviewed a great many experts, and executed impactful investigative reporting. She’s even ventured to the Bronx to explain Yankee Stadium’s surprising green practices to readers.
“I feel honored enough just to know and write about the selfless people in our county who work hard for a cleaner, healthier Rockland for us all,” said Hellauer. “I’m grateful to be the first recipient of the Rockland Sierra Club’s Environmental Hero award, and I want them to know that they are MY heroes.”
Kurtz emphasized that Hellauer’s work plays a crucial role in educating and informing the community. “Democracy works only when the public is informed and understands the issues,” said Kurtz. “But it’s not enough just to be aware of an issue. Most of us need someone who can explain and help us sort out technical issues and weigh their significance, especially with environmental issues that tend to be a little technical. And that’s just what Susan does–unpack and weigh the issues in a way that is objective and that most of us can understand.”
“Susan makes working on environmental issues for Nyack so much easier,” says Nyack Sustainability Coordinator Marcy Denker. “She’ll investigate and produce an article that’s fun and easy to read —whether it’s about sewers or solar power. Many times I’ve sent people to check the Earth Matters archive when they need to get up speed on a topic, especially one that’s hard to just put in nutshell.”

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