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Village Trustee Closing Arguments: Joe Carlin

The Rockland Democratic primaries on Tuesday, June 25 features Joe Carlin looking to take a seat. Polls are open from 6a to 9p. Visit the Rockland County Board of Elections to learn where to vote.

by Joe Carlin
I am a candidate for Village of Nyack Trustee in the upcoming Democratic Primary being held on June 25, 2019. Why am I running again? Because I believe that I can make a positive contribution to the Village of Nyack and bring a NEW PERSPECTIVE and COMMON SENSE to the Village Board.
Just to be crystal clear–I am not Anti-Development (as some of my opponents might have you believe). Growth is indeed a natural part of the village. We do need housing for our children as they become adults, and for people who want to share in our unique village. However, the recent surge of Housing Projects (both approved and under consideration), due to the relaxation of our zoning codes and the sustainability bonuses (which allows increased housing density above and beyond that which is allowed by our zoning code) threatens our village infrastructure (sewage, water, traffic, parking, etc.). I plan to push for a comprehensive review of our zoning codes that has encouraged this unbridled surge in new developments. I will advocate for the village residents, and not the developers!
Have you ever called Village Hall, left a message, and never been called back or–even worse–tried to leave a message at Village Hall but couldn’t because the answering machine was full? This is not acceptable–village employees need to respond to residents in a timely manner. Have you ever tried to find important information on our village website and come up empty handed? While I commend the current VB for improving the village website, there is still a lot to be done. Have you ever tried to attend a Village Board meeting and couldn’t, and then tried to find out what happened at a Village Board meeting and found nothing? We need to live stream all board meetings so that you don’t have to be physically present to observe, both in real-time and recordings, what transpires at meetings. The proposed audio podcasting is not enough.
Previous Village Boards have reduced the requirement that developers provide 20% Affordable Housing to only 10%–and they have given developers the option to put $50,000 per Affordable Housing unit into a Buyout Fund (which until this date is unclear how it will be managed). This is wrong on many levels–first of all, the 20% requirement should never have been reduced to 10%. And second of all, the Buyout option of $50,000 is a no-brainer for developers–it makes more economic sense, to the developer, to pay into the Buyout Fund than to have to provide physical apartments. This needs to stop!
These are just a few of the issues that I intend to address as Trustee. Visit my website, listed below, for an overview of other issues that I will focus on.
Over the years, my activism has gained the trust and confidence of many of you in the village. Here are comments from a few of them:

“I am pleased to endorse Joe for Trustee. He is totally involved with the community, energetic, passionate, knowledgeable, and concerned about the future of our village. Please join me in voting for Joe.” — Donna Lightfoot-Cooper, Village Trustee

“We urge you to vote for Joe Carlin for Nyack Trustee in the Democratic primary on June 25! He’s on the front lines–and has been a first-rate advocate for the Depew Ave neighborhood, and indeed all of Nyack’”- Nyack Neighbors Together – Depew Ave Group

“We need a diversity of opinion and voices on the board, which is lacking now. Joe’s vigilance on unbridled development is an important contribution to our civic life.” – Emily Feiner – Nyack Resident

“Joe’s long history of grassroots activism and community organizing in Nyack makes him a superb candidate for this office. His unflagging support of CUPON’s core mission assures us that, if elected, he will be ceaselessly vigilant regarding development, tenant protections, building code violations, and the other land-use issues that concern us all” – CUPON of the Nyacks

“The Nyack Renters Union and tenants throughout Nyack endorse Joe Carlin for Village Trustee. He has been one of the most vocal advocates for tenants’ rights and supports initiatives that make Nyack a fair and beautiful place for everyone to live. Go Joe!” –George Pavel, Nyack Renters Union

I am asking for your support. Please vote for me in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 25th. Together we can make a difference in the Village that we all love!
Website –
FB – Joe Carlin for Nyack Trustee
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