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Nyack Snow Emergency Declared, Jan 19 at 6p

Nyack, Jan 19 — The Village of Nyack has declared a Snow Emergency beginning at 6p on Sat Jan 19 in anticipation of the 6-10 inch and snow, strong winds, and up to a ¼ inch of ice.

For more information, refer to the Village of Nyack’s Snow Emergency Policy.

Any cars parked on streets that are in the snow emergency zone must be moved either into private driveways or into the village lots until the emergency is lifted. If you don’t have off street parking where you live, you can park for free in village lots until the snow emergency has been lifted. You can read the official announcement at
Sidewalks in the Village of Nyack must be cleared of snow within 24 hours of the end of the storm to permit residents and visitors to pass safely without walking in streets.
If you don’t have a driveway and live in the snow emergency zone, here are places you can park while restrictions are in effect:

Artopee Way Parking Lot
Riverspace Parking Lot
Nyack Marina Parking Lot (south side)

Parking will be free in these lots during the Snow Emergency Declaration. People parked in these lots will have 12 hours after the Snow Emergency has been lifted to move their cars out of the lot.
Village officials ask residents that have a hydrant in front of their home to shovel it out. Also, if you see a power line down call Orange and Rockland at 877-434-4100.

SNOW EMERGENCY Parking Restrictions

Upon the official announcement that a Snow Emergency has been declared in the Village of Nyack, the following streets will become no parking zones under special parking restrictions as referenced in Village Code Section 330-55 until the Snow Emergency has been lifted:
Nyack Snow Emergency Zone, Jan 2012
  • Broadway (from Cedar Hill Avenue to Fifth Avenue)
  • Main Street (from Franklin Street to Water Street)
  • Franklin Street (from Cedar Hill Avenue to Fifth Avenue)
  • 1st Avenue (all)
  • 2nd Avenue (all)
  • 3rd Avenue (all)
  • 4th Avenue (all)
  • Ackerman Lane (all)
  • Bridge Street (all)
  • Burd Street (from Franklin Street to Water Street)
  • Cedar Street (all)
  • Church Street (all)
  • Court Street (all)
  • Depew Avenue (from Franklin Street to Memorial Park)
  • Florence Street (all)
  • Gedney Street (all)
  • High Avenue (from Franklin Street to Gedney Street)
  • Hudson Avenue (from Franklin Street to Piermont Avenue)
  • Jefferson Street (all)
  • Liberty Street (all)
  • Lydecker Street (all)
  • Marion Street (all)
  • New Street (all)
  • Park Street (all)
  • Piermont Avenue (all)
  • Remsen Street (all)
  • Spear Street (all)
  • Water Street (all)

Upper Nyack: Rules for clearing sidewalks after snowfall

No owner, lessee or occupant of any house, building or structure, or the owner or lessee of any vacant lot, plot or parcel of ground, within the village, shall permit ice or snow to accumulate upon any sidewalks set apart for pedestrians, in front of or abutting upon their premises, and every such owner, lessee, or occupant shall cause such sidewalks to be cleared of snow and ice within twenty-four hours after such snow have ceased to fall or such ice shall have formed: provided, however, that in the event that such snow or ice shall be frozen so hard that it cannot be practicable removed, such owner, lessee or occupant shall, within the time and at the places hereinabove specified, cover or cause to be covered said abutting sidewalk with sifted ashes, sand or similar material (except sawdust), and shall, as soon thereafter as the weather will permit, clear or cause to be cleared said ice and snow therefrom. Upon failure of any such owner, lessee, or occupant to remove such snow or ice within such period, the Board of Trustees may cause such sidewalk to be cleared and assess the expense thereof upon the adjoining land.
Snow that has been removed from sidewalks or private walks or driveways shall not be deposited in or upon other sidewalks or public thoroughfares.
Any person charged with the duty of removing the snow and ice or covering the same as herein provided shall be subject to a penalty not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) for his or her failure to do so, and in addition thereto, a violation of this section shall constitute disorderly conduct, and a person violating the same shall be deemed a disorderly person. This section may be enforced by the police, or by the Building Inspector.
Source: Village of Upper Nyack Ordinance 1.5

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