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See Our ‘Blind Date,’ Tues Oct 16 at The Nyack Center

In 2016, America elected to go on a four-year blind date with no idea of the consequences.

by Peter Danish
The Blind Date is the story of a young woman whose idyllic life is shattered when, because of a change in laws, she is forced to make a horrifying decision – a decision no woman should have to make. I wrote the play as a cautionary tale for young people about the consequences of not voting. I first wrote the Blind Date as a play after the 2016 election when I discovered to my surprise that so many of the students at college where I was working had not voted.
I decided to take the message of the Blind Date to a much larger audience by making it into a short film. We want to bring the film to colleges all over the country and clearly illustrate to young voters that elections have consequences – real, tangible consequences. And that the vote you cast this November will be the single most critical vote you cast in your entire lifetime.

Peter Danish’s award-wining play is now on a short film, designed to wake up. shake up, and ultimately get young people to vote! After the film there will be a talk-back with the cast,crew and writer, as well as representatives from Planned Parenthood and the League of Women Voters. Premiering The Nyack Center on Tues Oct 16 at 8p.

I’m thrilled that so many wonderful artists share my passion. A dream team of Oscar winners and Emmy winners have collaborated on this project – with most working pro-bono or at scale, because of their dedication to the message of the film. In addition, rock legend Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater is providing music for the film.
“Arts, and story-telling in particular can be an extremely powerful way to communicate,” said Tom Fleishman, an Oscar-winning resident of South Nyack, who mixed the sound for the film. “Seeing the physical tangible results of action – or in this case inaction – makes it real in a way talking heads and numbers and statistics never could. It can affect real change.”
THE BLIND DATE has done just that, it has touched young people in a meaningful way and motivated them to register to vote. The play won some awards when ran it off Broadway. But most important – dozens of people wrote to me saying that after seeing the play – they registered to vote!
Please join us on Tues 10/16 at 8p in the Nyack Center for the premiere of this important film.
See also: THE BLIND DATE Play To Be Adapted into A Film, Broadway World 8/8/2018

Nyack resident Peter Danish is an award-winning author/playwright, writer of two Emmy-Award winning PSAs. Writer/Producer/Director of numerous telethons, and award shows. He is president of the Danish Media Group, a firm that provides media-marketing consultanting, speechwriting, and presentation coaching services.

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