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The Baby Bear Near North Broadway

by Jen Laird White, Mayor of Nyack

Bear On A Branch. Photo Credit: Lisa Levart (via Instagram)

Published June 2. Updated June 9 — On Thurs June 1 Nyack received an unexpected visitor who roamed the north part of the Hudson river village from early afternoon through nightfall. A small black bear wandered peacefully through backyards and residential streets while the Orangetown Police Department helped residents keep a respectful distance. Here’s the Facebook post from Nyack Mayor Jen Laird White about how the incident ended last night. Peacefully, albeit with a big thump as the sedated bear fell out of a tree behind a home on Hart Place:

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Photo Credit: Martha Singer (via Facebook)

Last night a rambunctious young bear took an artfully fired tranquilizer dart to the bum. He is now on his way to much greener forests and a land with fewer people. He clearly loved Nyack, particularly Korliss Uecker and Jerry Grossman’s tree but it was time to find a new home.
Big thanks to all in Nyack who herded, hosted, reported, posted about and enjoyed the excitement of this visit. OPD, DPW, Parking Authority, all went above and beyond. And finally, huge thanks to NY State DEC, particularly Wildlife Biologist Matt Merchant, for using great compassion and science to take gentle care of our new pal. And on a day when science took a gut punch, it was sure nice to see how important it is. For all critters.

Bear Over Fence. Photo credit: Ray Wright. Animation: Dave Zornow


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