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Celebrate Mother Earth on Mother’s Day with KRB


Join Keep Rockland Beautiful For a Community Yoga Tree Pose at Rockland Lake

by Susan Wilmink
Did you know that the tallest trees don’t get that way by forever drilling down vertically? Rather, they rely on their neighbors to interlock their roots for stability and nourishment. This principal is at the heart of Keep Rockland Beautiful’s environmental education and county-wide cleanup programs. KRB believes, above all, in the power of communities to rally together to improve our world and the health of our environment.
Keep Rockland Beautiful, Yoga Tree Pose, Mother's Day, Rockland LakeThis Mother’s Day you too can make like a tree to support Keep Rockland Beautiful. On May 14, KRB is building a chain of people standing in a yoga tree pose along the shores of Rockland Lake at 3p. A tree pose is a simple stance that even beginners can execute. You place your hands in the air like branches–or you can be any version of a tree you’d like! Some may choose to do the more advanced version which includes lifting one leg and pressing it against the other and stand on one leg. The pose helps improve balance and mental focus. The result is a body that stands with grace and strength. It’s a great way to burn off the brunch & mimosas, especially with a walk around the lake afterwards.
Besides helping KRB and feeling interconnected and peaceful, participants will receive garden gloves, plants and other treats. There will be plenty of activities for kids. All of the funds raised through registration fees will support KRB’s programs in schools (Earth BEAT and Rockland PLUS) as well as their massive cleanup efforts in the spring (Great American Cleanup) and fall (Fall Waterways Cleanup). The organization is now celebrating its 20th year of working hard for a cleaner, greener county.
The entire chain will be photographed by drone from above to visually communicate how much KRB cares about the health of our environment. (Check #MothersDay4MotherEarth on social media.)
To register today as an individual, family or group: For more information, email

KRBFirstDraft from Angela Gaul on Vimeo.

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