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Free Weekend Parking in Village Through Jan. 1

The Village of Nyack has begun spreading holiday cheer early this year. They’re giving residents and visitors a gift better than socks, though admittedly not as good as an original Masamune Samurai sword.
Free weekend parking.
Sunday parking was already free in the village. And during December Saturdays are too. That means one less day of having to worry about pesky (but hard working and necessary) meter-maids.

Mayor Jen Laird White acknowledged that some people might take advantage of the policy but thinks it is a net benefit for the community. “Every year the Chamber comes to us seeking a period of free parking during the holiday season,” Mayor White said. “And every year there is some debate about whether free parking is good or bad for business because it runs the risk of folks parking all day long.  And every year we agree to some quantity of free parking, the Chamber, ACADA and Visit Nyack advertise it and visitors come to the village, find parking free and feel grateful.  The same people who feed the meter all day anyway do take unfair advantage of the free parking.  But there is still plenty of parking for all.  So truthfully we have never seen any negative impacts, the loss of revenue is insubstantial and the good will seems well worth it.”

This is not the first time Mayor Laird White’s administration has made parking in the village a bit less stringent. Earlier this year the village instituted a “Free 15” minute parking policy, where residents could print out a free 15 minute parking pass. That policy was meant to stimulate local shopping. It’s the holiday season, so perhaps free weekend parking will do the same.

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