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10 Reasons To Write-In Don Hammond

by JC Brotherhood
You got to want it.
Write in Don Hamond for Village Trustee. Photo: Nyack Village Hall, Nov 2016. Credit: Dave ZornowIf you are looking for someone to work for you on the Village Board in Nyack and happen to be enticed by arguments to change the board in order to do this please consider first the fruits of a successful village administration:

  • Worked us all out from under a mountain of accrued debt inherited from previous administrations; resulting in a 0%increase in village taxes this year.
  • Worked, to foster the most “affordable housing starts” in Nyack in the last 20 years.
  • Worked to ratify the new Comprehensive Master Plan CMP further protecting Nyack’s heritage and encouraging economic growth for everyone.
  • Worked, to renovate our marina through vigorous pursuit of state and federal insurance monies.
  • Works, daily with Orangetown Police to fight the influences of drugs and alcohol in the village at night, and around the clock.
  • Actively supports the Nyack Center’s programs.
  • Worked to support more activities for teens
  • Worked, with families to enhance Memorial Park with a skate park.
  • Got the state to build us a fishing pier
  • Works maintaining the service’s and infrastructure we have all come to depend upon while not raising our local taxes.

Try and imagine if you can where any of the above initiatives would be today without a coherent and progressive administration built on the virtues of experience and dedication.

Don Hammond knows how to get things done.

His executive experience and leadership skills are unparalleled by anyone on our Village Board in a long time.
His opposition has neither the experience nor temperament to govern or work with anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda, let alone actually work for anyone else when they are asked to.
The “Save The Nyack We Love” blog posts consistently write checks they cannot hope to cash. Let me tell you having sat on various boards in the village, it’s a whole lot easier to throw a hand grenade than it is to catch one.
So, since he cannot, I will here encourage all my friends and neighbors, Independents and Republicans who felt disenfranchised by the earlier Democratic primary to recognize the opportunity we have to keep Don Hammond on the board by writing in his name at the bottom of the ballot. If you already voted for him the first time lets do it again. It would be the “Hail Mary Pass” of the season but sometimes they go for big yardage you know.
I do not represent “The friends of Don Hammond” or speak for Don here. I speak for let’s say, “His other friends.” Of which he has many I am sure.
Think before you Vote.

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