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Slide The City, Nyack: A Good Time Was Had By All

[URIS id=75365] Nyack, August 28 — Event organizers say as many as 7500 people enjoyed Slide The City yesterday. That included more than 5000 small water surfers who pre-registered and an estimated 2500 who signed up on Saturday.
What’s Slide The City? A multi-city annual tour which reminds baby boomer parents of the Slip ‘n Slides they once bought for their kids for the backyard — but now supersized and down a serious hill in downtown Nyack. “It’s a childhood dream come true:  kids of all ages in tubes slippin’  down the most gigantic water slide ever — right in the middle of Nyack,” said Slide The City owner and co-Founder Spencer Hunn.

The good time on Main Street almost didn’t happen. The Village of Nyack didn’t get New York State approval to green light the event until 6p Thursday night. Part of the holdup was a lingering water emergency (READ AS: drought conditions) in Rockland County. Event organizers agreed to truck in water from out of town to satisfy concerns by Rockland County Health officials. There was some early uncertainty on the part of state officials as to how this event should be classified by New York  officials for employment purposes. (A subtle point apparently lost on the Journal News, whose reporting blamed all of the delays on the Village of Nyack…which was described as a city [only if!] and not a village.)

What It’s Like To (selfie) Slide The City

Nesa’s GoPro Slide The City video in Nyack let’s you feel what it was like — without having to get wet and wait in line. Source: Instagram, simplee_nesa.

Photo Credits: Olivia Boryczweski, Dave Zornow

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