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Maura’s Kitchen Kickstarter Appeal

Local Latin Restaurant Turns to Kickstarter To Get Community
Support to Put “Finishing Touches” on a new S Broadway Space

by Tyrone Azanedo
In just a few short years, Maura’s Kitchen has evolved from a Latin Deli to a complete Peruvian Restaurant & Bar. With the growth in popularity of our Nyack dining experience, our guests have witnessed first hand some of the issues that have limited us to reach our full potential. Our kitchen is simply too small and is the driving force behind our search for a new space to call home.
Maura Kitchen Food Sampler Kickstarter appealWe have found a new space down the street on South Broadway in Nyack. We have committed to a building that has been vacant for the last five years, but is equipped with the ability for us to grow into the restaurant we truly want to be. We have come to Kickstarter to help us finish this very important project. While we have continued to run the restaurant each and every week, we have also been working so hard to make our dream of opening this new space possible. This journey has been very hectic and has cost us to go way over budget. We have had to update some of the most basic systems just to get this restaurant to where it needs to be, and now are hoping for your help to ignite us the rest of the way as we attempt to implement our plans and bring this vision to life. We are currently past our original opening date as we try to collect more money to finish the project.

Little by little over the last five years, Maura’s Kitchen has evolved from a deli to a Latin Restaurant that specializes in Peruvian dishes.  “We just kept reacting to Nyack,” says Tyrone. “Thinking back…people have just been waiting for my mom’s food. “

We just want to make sure as many people enjoy Maura’s Kitchen as possible and what lies ahead for us is sure to benefit the community and diners for years to come. Please help us reach our goal by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign so we can continue to make our dream a reality.

It Takes A Village — To Make a Family Restaurant

We came into this project knowing their were changes and updates to be made to many of the building systems such as installing a brand new roof, redoing most of the plumbing system, installing up to date annual systems for kitchen, repair HVAC units, redoing the facade of the building to bring it to code and update it for heating and cooling efficiency. Also deciding to install new walk in food and beer fridges for maximum storage and cooling efficiency. Little by little costs started to add. We made these decisions as an investment in the building. We wanted to have the best possible systems and equipment to start the next chapter of Maura’s Kitchen on the right foot to operate as best and efficiently as we can.
We’re turning to the Kickstarter community because we have exhausted many of our other financing options. We spent extra on the systems needed for our new space like plumbing, heating and ventilation. We need the money to put in the final touches: nice seating, new technology and a nice wall, all to make our guests feel comfortable and to make you feel more at home when you come to visit our restaurant. It’s the kind of feeling we have wanted for Maura’s from the beginning, a family owned, friendly neighborhood restaurant that’s homey which makes you feel like you are in my mom’s kitchen.
Our customers — our community — are a big part of who we are. And we inviting you to join us on this next step.

Maura’s Kitchen KickStarter Campaign

has until September 5 to collect $39,000 of pledges to green light this project on Kickstarter. Although that’s pretty ambitious, we think we can do it — with your help.


Visit to help us grow — and get in on some great incentives for helping us to realize our dreams!

  • Small Bite (Pledge $25 or more):  Specially made Amuse-Bouche for two, a single bite-sized hors d’oeuvre made just for you, on your next visit to Maura’s.
  • Peruvian Gold (Pledge $50 or more): Choice of 8oz Maura’s homemade hot sauce or 16oz bag of Cancha (Peruvian corn kernels)
  • Peruvian Swag Bag (Pledge $100 or more): One Ticket to our Grand Opening Party, food and floor stomping dance. Plus a Maura’s Care Package that includes our 32oz Cancha (Crunchy Peruvian corn kernels), 8oz Maura’s Homemade Peruvian Hot Sauce and our 32oz Homemade Peruvian Purple Corn Drink – Chicha Morada.
  • Date Night (Pledge $250 or more): A special tasting menu for you and a loved one. You will have preference for a reservation early on to fully experience Maura’s Peruvian cuisine and hospitality in our new space ASAP.
  • Group Tasting Menu (Pledge $500 or more): Maura will create a special tasting menu for four. You will have preference for a reservation early on to fully experience Maura’s Peruvian cuisine and hospitality in our new space ASAP.
  • VIP Parties (Pledge $1,000 or more): Two exclusive tickets to our Grand Opening Party. Food, Latin Band and dance till you drop. AND Two tickets to our Maura’s Kitchen Ignition Summer Bash. AND Dinner for Two: You and a loved one will have preference for a reservation early on to fully experience Maura’s Peruvian cuisine and hospitality in our new space.  AND Finally: A Maura’s Kitchen Gold Card, valid for one year, letting you bump up on any waiting list and preferred reservations.
  • Party Catering (Pledge $3,000 or more): A custom Peruvian menu of your choosing for 30, you and your guests at the venue of your choosing (on or off-site) Monday – Friday. AND one Maura’s Kitchen Gold Card.
  • Ultimate Super Fan (Pledge $5,000 or more): One year supply supply (once a week 8oz) of Maura’s Homemade hot sauce and One Tapa or Ceviche of your choice once a week, for one year. AND Two exclusive tickets to our Grand Opening Party in October.  AND two tickets to our Maura’s Kitchen Ignition Summer Bash. AND one Maura’s Kitchen Gold Card.

Please note: The Maura’s Kitchen Gold Card mentioned in the offers above is valid for one year. Because Kickstarter prohibits alcohol, the above offers for private servings do not include alcoholic beverages.

Thanks in advance for clicking TODAY to make a pledge to help us realize our dreams tomorrow.

Tyrone Azanedo is co-owner of Maura’s Kitchen in Nyack, NY.  Along with his late father Edwin Azanedo, he helped transition Maura’s Kitchen from a Latin deli to a full service Peruvian Restaurant and bar. Tyrone has a true passion for the restaurant business and is constantly trying new ways to bring the experience in his restaurant to new levels.

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