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It’s Trash Tuesday (Special Holiday Edition)

July 5 — The Village of Nyack’s recently revised garbage pickup schedule has a special post-holiday present for residents: Trash Tuesday. You can take out your trash today because regular Monday pickup shifts to Tuesday whenever a national holiday falls on a Monday.

Village of Nyack residents got an additional garbage pickup day beginning June 20, 2016. The new schedule also permits more street maintenance work in less time without adding staff or increasing costs. Village Administrator Jim Politi says that by consolidating trash pickup to two days each week, residents will benefit by getting another day when they can put out their trash and his DPW staff will get 11 full days in a typical month where they can concentrate on the other responsibilities of the village’s Department of Public Works.
Nyack DPW Road Paving 20151019. Village Administrator Jim Politi says consolidating trash pickup days will improve DPW efficency.
The four quadrants of the village had their own individual day prior to the new plan, requiring crews and trucks to roll at least four days a week. Politi says the new plan will make better use of the DPW’s 8-9 employees to maintain the village’s 13.6 miles of roads. “It will help us use our crew more efficiently, because the DPW is about more than just trash,” says Politi. “Our world is sidewalk to sidewalk. That includes maintaining parks, trees, sidewalks, curbs, road surface, traffic signals, signage and the storm water collection system. If we can get more uninterrupted days for our crew, we can get a lot more work done,” he says.

Trash Day FYI

  • Trash cans must be 50 lbs or less so that one person can lift it.
  • All trash must be placed curbside between 6p on the evening before and 7a on the day of trash pickup.
  • Mattresses and box springs must be sealed in plastic bags before discarding. Disposal bags are available at local home improvement stores; plastic sheeting secured with duct tape is acceptable. The DPW will not pick up any mattress or bedding that is not properly sealed.

Source: Nyack DPW

White goods pickup — the term for discarded water heaters, washers, dryers and stoves — takes place on the first Friday of each month.
This plan doesn’t affect the commercial district, whose trash is picked up by private contractors.
Nyack’s recycling pickup schedule, which is handled by an outside contractor, isn’t impacted by this revised refuse schedule.

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