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New Nyack-based Magazine, The ‘Pink Monkey,’ Sure to Change Your Life (NO REFUNDS!)

by Max CeaFullSizeRender
Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the world clamoring, of mass hysteria, jubilation. Perhaps you thought that you’d never hear such sounds in a post-Beatles universe– or at least not until Tupac came out of hiding. Wrong! People all across the globe (but mostly in and around Nyack, NY) can barely contain their excitement today because of a new magazine called the Pink Monkey.
But you probably knew that. It’s all over the news.
I shouldn’t generalize. If you’ve been living in a lightly cooked clam, only receiving news from this fine hyperlocal website, I suppose I should explain the present phenomenon.
The Pink Monkey is an Arts & Literature magazine — at least in terms of the composition of its inaugural issue; really, it’s a magazine that doesn’t appreciate needing to be labeled.
The Pink Monkey is a magazine based on a joke based on a true story about an epic voyage. (The source material is included in the first issue.)
Though the Pink Monkey does not care to be labeled, it does, in fact, contain mostly art and fiction writing. There is also cartoons (a form of art), poetry (a form of literature), and an extended interview with Director Jonathan Demme. Basically, this magazine has it all. Even some nudity.
Max Cea (me!) and Sam Schieren. They both have college degrees and not much else. Help them by buying their magazine — or at least by liking their magazine’s Facebook page — and maybe someday they will stop using the third person to describe themselves.
They say hypoxyphilia feels good; they say it’s nothing compared to reading the Pink Monkey.
Where to buy it? 
The Pink Monkey is being sold today at the Nyack Street Fair (at Beast With a Million Eyes’s table on South Broadway). It is also available online, at (where you can also buy cool t-shirts and amazing mystery objects), or at Kiam Record Shop, Festoon, Beast with a Million Eyes, and Pickwick Book Store.
How to tell the Pink Monkey creators how much the magazine changed your life?
Your feedback and submissions are encouraged; please send them to

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