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As Others See Us

As Others See Us: The Time Nyack Hotel

Forbes on Time Nyack

Time Nyack ShowgirlsKo Im, a contributor  and a “self-proclaimed lifestyle enthusiast based in New York City,” made the trek from Manahattan to Nyack on May 19 for the grand opening of The Time Nyack. “Nyack and NYC may share a few letters, but they can seem like worlds apart.” It was her first visit to the hotel — and her first visit to Nyack, which she described as a “creative hub.” Although you might expect a national business magazine like Forbes to have a nothing-but-the-facts analysis of how The Time Nyack’s owners expect their $40 million investment to succeed, her analysis was more art and less science.

As for the rooms themselves, the distinctions play out further — with the old but still functioning LG air conditioner next to an LG flat screen. The shower drain apparently trickles down where you stand in front of the sink while fancy Frette towels can wipe your feet and face. The hotel reminds me of an old hospital in Bushwick, Brooklyn which morphed into an apartment building where my used to live and also INK48 back on Manhattan.
TheTimeNyackLogoThe high ceilings, exposed ducts and brick walls (something this New Yorker loves) sit alongside fun furnishings like a jagged carpet with skulls, and pieces of shimmery artwork in the lobby. The feel’s not dissimilar to the sixteen year old older sister property sandwiched between Broadway theater shows off Times Square, carrying a not-so-touristy lounge flavor to the area. Across the river, the wooden red doors now open just in time for a cool summer to a speakeasy, bike program and Tesla charging station — whether Nyack’s ready for this vibe or needs it.

You can read Ko Im’s full article at The Best Hotel to Happen to Nyack, NY? on

As Others See Us is an occasional feature that publishes what writers outside of Nyack say about the people and places in the Lower Hudson Valley.

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Now That ‘Others’ Have Spoken, It’s Our Turn…

Although Nyack neighbors aren’t likely to stay at hotel where rooms run $210-$379 a night when they have their own free bed just a few blocks away, The Time Nyack invited lots of locals to their opening gala to spur good will as well as seed some word of mouth marketing. Here are a few comments from Nyack residents on their visit to The Time’s opening party on  May 19 and the Nyack Park Conservancy fundraiser later that week.
“The Time Hotel is a game changer for Nyack. It’s opulence at its best.” —Tracie D. McLee, longtime Nyack resident.
Time Nyack Pool, Outdoor Bar, I-287“A nice stay-cation locale for Big Apple visitors to spend a night outside the city! In combination with Nyack’s vast and improving restaurants, Nyack is ripe for a more upscale hotel option.” — Adam Lipson, Nyack resident
“I loved the large outdoor bar by the pool area. I suspect that it will be a “go-to” place in the summer for drinking, dining and people-watching. I predict that this will be the most popular bar/bat mitzvah venue in Rockland, nearby Westchester and northern Bergen counties! ” — Jennifer Rothschild, South Nyack resident
“Much work needs to be done to the entrance to the hotel. Signage and landscaping would help. Right now, out-of-towners would be hard-pressed to figure out how to get there from here. The ballroom décor took the Palisades Center Mall look and upped it several notches – exposed big pipes but painted a shiny silver. Despite these nit-picks, Time Nyack is a game-changer for the Nyacks. It is a new, hip and happening place where those coming to Nyack on business or family events or high school reunions can stay in comfort.” — Rockland County resident
TimeNyackPartyAtNight“I have now attended two functions and have enjoyed both tremendously. I hope that this new hotel becomes a destination for recreation business and weekenders because Village of Nyack is a gem on Hudson.” — Peter Klose, Chairman, Nyack Planning Board

“The design sensibility in the lobby, events space, and restaurant is unlike anything in the Hudson Valley. One great sign: at dinner last night, I ran into an agent from my company who lives in Orange County, and drove 45 minutes with her husband for dinner and an overnight, treating The Time as a ‘destination resort.’ ” — Joe Rand, Nyack resident and owner, BHG Rand Realty

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