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Orangetown Passes ‘Do Not Knock’ Registry

Nyack April 24 — Orangetown residents can soon add their names to a “Do Not Knock Registry” to avoid unwanted commercial solicitation. The Town Board hopes the registry will “protect the peace and quiet of residents’ home from unwanted visitors,” says Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart.

Orangetown Town Supervisor Andy Stewart

Orangetown Town Supervisor Andy Stewart

Previously, door-to-door solicitors needed to get a permit from the Town Clerk, a process which included a background check by the police. The new registry allows residents to opt out of all solicitations. The list of “Do Not Knock” homes will now be goven to solicitors at the time of their permit application.  Vendors who approach these homes will have their permit revoked and face steep fines.
Do Not Knock homes will also be given a sticker that resident can display at their home to remind solicitors to knock at their own risk.
“We adopted this Do Not Knock Registry since so many people have contacted Town Hall recently to complain about pushy sales people showing up at their door trying to get them to switch cable providers or sell their homes,” said Stewart.
The new Orangetown rules have carve out exceptions for local social, religious and non-commercial groups including the Girl Scouts, the American Legion, missionaries and political candidates.
Town Clerk Charlotte Madigan will maintain the Do Not Knock registry for Orangetown as part of her office’s oversight of the town’s hawking and peddling permit system. For more information, visit or call 359-5100.

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