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Did You Know: What Einstein, Churchill, and Mozart Have in Common?


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Here’s the week at a glance
at the Nyack Library.


Magic: The Gathering with Master Ben, Registration required, 4p


  • Fiction Writers Workshop – new members welcome, 11a
  • Mommy and Me Flamenco, Registration required, 1:30p
  • Options for Dealing with Debt, Registration required, 7p


  • New Parent Chat, 11a
  • Homework Help, 4p


Stuffed Animal Sleepover, Registration required, 4:30p


Toddler Time, 11a


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Creative Writing Saturdays, Registration required, 1p


  • Study Sundays, 12p
  • Dyslexia Works, 2:30p

Dyslexia, sometimes called reading disorder, is a learning disability in the use and processing of linguistic and symbolic codes, alphabetic letters representing speech sounds or numeric representing numbers or quantities.  It is the most common learning disability, can vary from mild to severe, and tends to run in families.
Dyslexia can occur at any level of intellectual ability and generally, people with dyslexia are visual thinkers who are creative and prefer hands-on learning.  People with dyslexia shine in the arts, creativity, design, and computing.  Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, and Mozart were all believed to have the gift of dyslexia.
People with dyslexia can overcome challenges by learning in a different manner.  Come find out what a gift and opportunity dyslexia is at Dyslexia Works presented by Suzanne Buchaer, M.A. Education, Licensed Davis Dyslexia Facilitator on Sunday, January 31 at 2:30p at the Nyack Library.
Stuffed Animal Sleepover, Thur at 4:30p
You’ve heard of a night at the museum?  Well how about stuffed animal night at the Nyack library?  Bring your stuffed animal friend for a library sleepover!  We’ll read bedtime stories, tuck our animals in, and say good night.  Come back on Friday afternoon to pick up your stuffed animal along with some photos of their night time antics!  Registration is required.

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