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Local Arts Index: Rodger Stevens

LAI_Rodger Stevens_PortraitMeet sculptor Rodger Stevens.

How Did You Become an Artist?

Until this very moment, I’m pretty sure I’ve never tried to truly answer that question. I’m tempted to call my mother and see if she can. From as far back as my memory will go I have loved to draw things and make things.

What I do now as an adult, for a living, is simply a more complex version of what started in the beginning.

LAI_Rodger Stevens_optimusWhat Kind of Art do you Make?

I principally make sculpture, usually with wire. I draw a lot. And once in a while wood appears in the work.

These things, that are almost always expressions of subjects I care about deeply – my family, how humans came to be what they are and do what they do, to site a few of the regulars – tend to end up in galleries or people’s homes.

What’s Your Muse?

LAI_Rodger Stevens_frontroominstallI’m inspired foremost by my family, they occupy an enormous portion of my thoughts and cannot help but appear in the output of a day’s work. And it seems I’m drawn to some sort of form-based order. Ideas and shapes are always co-mingling in my mind, attaching to one another like chemical compounds.

LAI_Rodger Stevens_blesso(new)Not unlike the way sodium and chlorine bond to each other to create table salt, forms and notions combine in my mind and create sculptures.

What’s Next?

That’s an excellent question.



To learn about Rodger’s work visit


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