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Did You Know: October is Cyber Security Awareness Month?

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We are all more connected than ever before and the internet has become a part of almost all aspects of our daily lives and with it there is increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse.  Given that social media is a hacker’s favorite target with more than 600,000 Facebook accounts compromised every day and phishing, likejacking, linkjacking and social spam on the rise, it is extremely important to practice cyber security.

Here’s the week at a glance
at the Nyack Library.


  • LEGO Builders, Registration required, 4:30p
  • FREE Assistance with NYS Health Insurance Programs, 5p


  • Tai Chi Demonstration Class, Registration required, 10:30a
  • Cuentos, Canciones y Artesania, 1p
  • Kitchen Tips and Tricks of the Trade, Registration required, 7p


  • Hopper’s Hometown, Registration required, 4:30p
  • Teen Yoga, Registration required, 5p
  • Fiction Book Discussion Group, 7p


  • Little Shanti Yoga, Registration required, 1:30p
  • Making Mosaics Out of Ourselves, Registration required, 7p


Toddler Time, 11a


  • Cinderella Around the World, Registration required, 11a
  • Creative Writing Saturdays w/Ms. Laurie, Registration required, 1p


Study Sundays, 12p

Here are a few cyber security tips from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:

  1. Change your passwords and encourage others to do the same. Set strong passwords and don’t share them with others.
  2. Limit the amount of personal information you post online and use privacy settings to avoid sharing information widely.
  3. Make sure your anti-virus software and firewalls are up-to-date. Keeping your software updated is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from an attack as new threats are discovered everyday. Set your computer to automatically update for you.
  4. Back up important files. If you have important files stored on your computer, copy them onto a removable disc, and store it in a safe place.

For more cyber security information and a complete list of things you can do to practice cyber security, visit

Making Mosaics Out of Ourselves, Thurs at 7p

We often think we’re stuck with thoughts, ideas and beliefs in our lives–even if we don’t feel good about them.  But, we’re not.  When we’re able to shift the way we feel first, everything changes.  The only way to change the way you feel about something is to change the way you see it.

Join certified life coach Jayme Cooper from Circle on the Farm as she guides you through the process of releasing, re-framing and recreating in your life through mosaic.  Registration is required and is limited to 16.  There is a $5 materials fee payable at the door.

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