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Is There A TZ Vista Compromise?

by Carlo Pellegrini

To compromise? Or  never compromise. That is the question.

Architect's conception of how the proposed TZ Vista complex would appear on Gedney, looking south. Source: DCAK-MSA Architecture and Engineering

Architect’s conception of how the proposed TZ Vista complex would appear on Gedney, looking south. Source: DCAK-MSA Architecture and Engineering

Thoughtful development of the waterfront is going to be a compromise, no matter what the parties involved want. What if TZ Vista ‘No To 6 Stories’ opponents prevail? Will the developer proceed with four stories or walk away? The developer may utilize an old sales strategy: ‘the take-away.’ They could just take the project off the table for consideration.

Currently, they are offering a $1 million carrot in the form of incremental tax revenue for the village, a large portion of which, as has been documented in their own material, will go to the Nyack School District. What is the price for better educated kids? The village cannot afford to invest in our kids themselves, nor can they afford to develop the entire parcel into a park on their own. Someone with development know-how has stepped forward to offer a possible solution.

The height of the proposed building structure is an issue for some; the width of the development an issue for others. What if the developer were able to lower the entire structure further into the ground, say, about one floor’s worth? Can the structure of the ground handle that? Would the developer be open to that idea or do they just want what they want? It seems the real question is: What is the price for the future?

I don’t envy our Nyack Village Trustees: they are literally plotting Nyack’s future for the next 50 years. Once built, it remains to be seen if the developer is good to his word: better public space, a park, water access for the public, et al. If the Clermont is a portent of things to come, perhaps the Village Trustees can create a timeline/punch list for the developer: limited access to the park (for whatever reason) creates a penalty of ‘x’ dollars per day until fixed.

Development is inevitable in a society that prides itself on expansion. Compromise from all parties is what is demanded in this situation. A growing concern here and in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow (facing similar development/population issues) is the gentrification of our hallowed little village. Well…that is just what happens in life. We, as a people, can fight development all we want. There are distinct benefits. Again, we can all get most of what we want by compromising.

Personally, I would like to see a more village-esque design for the project. The proposed designs look like The Jetsons are moving in.

Carlo Pellegrini is past-president of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce, director of Amazing Grace CIRCUS!, a business coach, keynote speaker on the topic of managing change, and a facilitator/mediator.

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