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Did You Know: How To Tell Twins Apart

Twin Babies

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The easiest way to tell twins apart is by their belly buttons.  Belly buttons are not genetic, they are scars left from removing the umbilical cord and each one is different. Learn more fun facts on Sun Sept 20 at “Twinvaision,” a presentation at the Nyack Library.

Here are some other interesting facts about twins:

  • Twins are twice as likely to be left-handed than singletons. 22% of twins are lefties, compared to 10% of singletons.
  • Identical twins are not completely identical.  They do not have the same fingerprints.
  • From 1980 to 2009 the twin birth rate has risen 76%.  In 1980, one in ever 53 babies born was a twin. In 2009, one in 30 babies born was a twin.  About one in 250 pregnancies results in identical twins.
  • There is a twin gene.  A woman can be genetically predisposed to releasing more than one egg at the same time resulting in fraternal twins.  Identical twins are the result of a random split of a single egg and there is no genetic link.

Here’s the week at a glance
at the Nyack Library.


  • FREE Assistance with NYS Health Insurance Programs, 5p
  • Public Information Meeting re:  The renovation and construction at the DePew and Stevenson houses, 6:30p


  • Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program, Registration required, 7p
  • Book and Pub Club (21 & over), Casa del Sol, 104 Main St., Nyack, NY, 7p


  • Computer Basics Application Overview, Registration required, 10a
  • SAT and ACT Math:  Skills, Drills, and Strategy, Registration required, 7p


  • May I Pet Your Dog?, Registration required, 1:30p
  • The Death of King Shotaway, Registration required, 7p


Introduction to the Internet, Registration required, 10:30a


Defensive Driving Course (6 hours – complete in 1 day), Registration required, 10:30a


“Twinvaision” Photo Exhibit and Panel Discussion, Registration required, 1p

If you are a twin, triplet, quadruplet, a parent of multiples, or would just like to find out more about multiple births, the Nyack Library presents “Twinvaision” a panel discussion on twins and multiples on Sunday at 1p.  A group photo will be taken that will be displayed at the library.  A photo exhibit curated by Alicia Crowe, an identical twin who shares what it is like to be a twin and highlights her journey to Twinsburg, Ohio will be featured.  Registration is required.

The Death of King Shotaway, Thurs at 7p 

A staged reading of playwright Samuel Harp’s, The Death of King Shotaway will be performed by members of Shades Repertory Theater.

In 1821, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, The African Globe Theater was founded by William Henry Brown and James Hewitt.  In addition to performing Shakespeare, The African Globe produced original works by African-American writers.  The first play produced by an African American theater company was Brown’s play The Drama of King Shotaway, about a slave uprising on the Island of St. Vincent.  The Death of King Shotaway tells the story of the origins of the The African Globe Theater, and the many obstacles it had to overcome to stay alive.  Registration is required.

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