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Did You Know: More Summer Reading Suggestions

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Looking for a good book to read while sitting in a park, relaxing in a hammock, or lying at the beach?  This month we are featuring some personal book recommendations from members of the Nyack Library staff.  This week’s pick by Jane Marino, Library Director is Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille. Irene Trocano of the Computer Resource Center picks Born with Teeth, a Memoir by Kate Mulgrew.

Here’s the week at a glance
at the Nyack Library.


  • Shakespeare Discussion Group, 4p
  • FREE Assistance with NYS Health Insurance Programs, 5p
  • Poets Circle, Registration required, 6p


  • International Cafe, Registration required, 4p
  • Summer Theater Arts, Registration required, 4:30p
  • Essential Oils (and You!), Registration required, 7p


  • Summer Theater Arts, Registration required, 4:30p
  • Defensive Driving Course – Insurance and Point Reduction – Session 2, 5:45p


  • Summer Theater Arts, Registration required, 4:30p
  • Create Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser, Registration required, 7p


Teen Choice Movie, 3:30p


Super Hero Graphic Novel, 2p

In Radiant Angel, after a showdown with the notorious Yemeni terrorist known as The Panther, John Corey has left the Anti-Terrorist Task Force and returned home to New York City, taking a job with the Diplomatic Surveillance Group.  Although Corey’s new assignment with the DSG-surveilling Russian diplomats working at the U.N. Mission is thought to be “a quiet end,” he is more than happy to be out from under the thumb of the FBI and free from the bureaucracy of office life.  But Corey realizes something the U.S. government doesn’t: the all-too-real threat of a newly resurgent Russia.  When Vasily Petrov, a colonel in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service posing as a diplomat with the Russian U.N. Mission, mysteriously disappears from a Russian oligarch’s party in Southampton, it’s up to Corey to track him down.  What are the Russians up to and why?  Is there a possible nuclear threat, a so-called radiant angel?  Will Corey find Petrov and put a stop to whatever he has planned before it’s too late?  Or will Corey finally be outrun and outsmarted, with America facing the prospect of a crippling attack unlike anything it’s ever seen before?

In Born with Teeth, a Memoir, Kate Mulgrew grew up with poetry and drama in her bones.  But in her mother, a would-be artist burdened by the endless arrival of new babies, young Kate saw the consequences of a dream deferred.  Determined to pursue her own no matter the cost, at 18 she left her small Midwestern town for New York, where, studying with the legendary Stella Adler, she learned the lesson that would define her as an actress: “Use it,” Adler told her. Whatever disappointment, pain, or anger life throws in your path, channel it into the work.  It was a lesson she would need.  At twenty-two, just as her career was taking off, she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.  Having already signed the adoption papers, she was allowed only a fleeting glimpse of her child.  As her star continued to rise, her life became increasingly demanding and fulfilling, a whirlwind of passionate love affairs, life-saving friendships, and bone-crunching work.  Through it all, Mulgrew remained haunted by the loss of her daughter, until, two decades later, she found the courage to face the past and step into the most challenging role of her life, both on and off screen.

Essential Oils (and You!), Tue at 7p

This workshop is an introduction to the fascinating world of essential oils.  Essential oils are fast becoming a popular alternative for promoting healing and maintaining well being without uncomfortable side effects.  The basic properties of essential oils and what makes them so powerful will be discussed.  There will be a focus on the oils that can be used for allergies, and maintaining a healthy immune system for the colder months ahead.

Presented by Robin Monroe: Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, and Therapeutic Yoga Instructor.  Registration is required.

Create Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser, Thur at 7p

Using terracotta clay, create your own wearable diffuser for essential oils.  Design a small pendant in clay, let it air dry over night then string it on the necklace you made and envelop yourself in healing aromatherapy.  Registration is required.

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