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Mario Cuomo Bridge

This Week: TZB “Triple Threat” Thruway Exit 10, 11 Lane Closures

NYSThruway_4796Look for lane closures on I-287 near the two Nyack exits this week to allow Tappan Zee Contructors to install an all electronic toll system. The required construction gives new meaning to the cliché, “triple threat,” especially if you are traveling southbound during one of the periods when all three lanes will be closed.

May 4 marks the beginning of several weeks of Monday-Friday night time lane closures. One — then two — and finally three southbound lanes near Exit 11 (Nyack – South Nyack – US Route 9W) will close at 7p, at 9p and 10:30p respectively. All lanes will reopen at 6a Tuesday through Friday and 8a on Saturday.

At least one lane will remain open at all times, HOWEVER, there will be periods when ALL lanes will be closed to let construction crews move equipment from the right to the left shoulder. The New York State Police will stop and hold all traffic approaching the area when this is required. These brief traffic holds will occur immediately prior to the lane closures.

The traffic disruptions are required to let Tappan Zee Constructors install a temporary all-electronic toll collection system which will be used until a permanent all-electronic toll collection system is built in Tarrytown.

If you were thinking of using Exit 10 to sneak past the Exit 11 snarls, think again: the Interchange 10 (Nyack / South Nyack – 9W) on-ramp to the southbound Thruway will be closed from on Tuesday May 5 from 10p-5a.

Real time traffic information — including helpful live webcams — can be found online at While you are *patiently* waiting, you might want to check out the webcam that watches the Peregrine Falcon chicks that live on top of the Tappan Zee Bridge. They’re kinda cute.

This Week On The New Bridge

Marine crews will work on the foundations for the New NY Bridge by placing reinforcing steel and concrete in the piles, main span pile caps and approach span pile caps. The high-strength concrete is made on site by the project’s two floating batch plants. Teams also will erect formwork for the cast-in-place pier columns, which eventually will support the new bridge’s road deck. With only a small percentage of piles left to install, pile driving operations will continue next week. Pile driving is restricted to Mon-Fri 7a-7p and 12n-7p on Saturday.

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Crews also will continue working on the bridge’s landings at the Rockland and Westchester shorelines. The abutments, comprised of steel and concrete, will serve as strong bases where the new crossing meets the landside roadway.

TZC will continue concrete placement for foundations near the South Nyack shoreline. The concrete for this work is being acquired from local concrete suppliers and is delivered by truck to the Rockland trestle located off the Thruway’s southbound access ramp. Trucks exit the trestle to the Thruway via the northbound access ramp. The access ramps are used only by construction vehicles, providing a safe route directly to the work site and reducing traffic impacts on local roads.

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