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Did You Know: Monopoly Is 80. (Now Go Directly To Jail).

Officer Edgar Mallory sent Jake the Jailbird, along with countless other Monopoly players to jail.  Monopoly was created in 1933 by Charles Darrow based on The Landlord’s Game and The Fascinating Game of Finance b186646777which were popular at the time.  After Darrow sold the game in a few department stores, Parker Brothers negotiated the rights to produce the game in large scale after initially rejecting the game for “fundamental errors” which included the length and complexity of the game.  In 1935, a U.S. patent was received and more than 300 licensed versions of Monopoly have been developed ever since.  An 80th anniversary edition which features one iconic token from each of the eight decades including the bathtub, locomotive, money bag, cat, cannon, cavalry, and the Monopoly world championship trophy is now being sold.  More than one billion people have played the game with more than six billion little green houses and more than two billion red hotels have been “constructed” since 1935.  During World War II, escape maps, compasses and files were inserted into Monopoly game boards and real money was slipped into packs of Monopoly money and smuggled into prisoner of war camps inside Germany.

The longest game of Monopoly in history lasted 70 straight days.  In 2008, nearly 3,000 people united to set the world record for the most people playing Monopoly at the same time to commemorate the launch of Monopoly Here & Now: The World edition.  To keep up with technology, apps have been created for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Teens can challenge their friends to Electronic Banking Monopoly on Mondays from 5:30 to 6:30pm at the Nyack Library.

Here’s the week at a glance
at the Nyack Library.


  • FREE AARP Tax Aid, bring 2 forms of i.d. – one must be a photo i.d., 10a
  • Shakespeare Discussion Group, 4p
  • Build with Legos, Registration required, 4p
  • FREE Assistance with NYS Health Insurance Programs, 5p
  • Monopoly Mondays, 5:30p
  • Library Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:30p


  • Library Budget Vote, 8a
  • Fiction Writer’s Workshop, Registration required, 11a
  • Cuentos, Canciones y Artesania, 1p
  • Nyack Toastmasters, 6:45p
  • Book and Pub Club (21 & over):  The Orphan Master’s Sonby Adam Johnson, Meet at Harbor Hill, 91 Main Street, 7p


  • Microsoft Word Basics Workshop, a six-week facilitated Universal Class workshop. Registration is required for all weeks. Visit for more info or email Dane Paciarello, 10a
  • Valentine’s Day Craft/Story Time, Registration required, 5p
  • Hands on Fine Motor Development Lecture with Tammy Belcher, Registration required, 7p
  • Paying for College with Josh Marber (Rescheduled from Feb 2), Registration required, 7p


  • Little Shanti Yoga, Registration required, 1:30p
  • Defensive Driving Course – Insurance and Point Reduction Session 1, Registration required, 5:45p
  • Family Book Discussion Series, Registration required, 6:30p


Toddler Time, 11a


African Inspired Woven Beaded Bracelet Workshop Session 2, Registration required, $5 materials fee, 11a

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VCS Co-sponsored Social Justice Film Series:  Lady Valor:  The Kristin Beck Story, 2:30p


VCS Co-Sponsored Social Justice Film Series
Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story, Sun at 2:30p 

In Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story, former U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Beck embarks on a new mission as Kristin Beck. Kristin’s journey in search of the American ideals that she protected have a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman.

Kristin served for over 20 years as a member of the elite special forces Navy SEALs on SEAL Team 1 as well as the United States Special Warfare Development Group – what many in the public refer to as SEAL Team 6. She retired in 2011 with the rank of Senior Chief and continued high-level clearance work for the United States government and the Pentagon. But Kristin hid her true identity throughout and after her service knowing she would lose it all if anyone were to know her secret. In 2013, a year and a half after retirement, Kristin came out publicly first on LinkedIn and on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 soon thereafter. Many friends, colleagues and family were taken by surprise.

This film brings exclusive interviews from Kristin’s family and friends about her service, as well as their reactions to her coming out. It also includes exclusive footage of Chris Beck in training and combat. The documentary was filmed only a few months after the AC360 piece had aired, and the truth is still fresh and emotional for those closest to her. While many people have been supportive, some in the public have expressed more bigotry than she ever expected. After a lifetime of service, Kristin has learned that her fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness did not end on the battlefield.

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