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Winter Rowing: Take Your Outside Exercise, Inside

by Peter Klose

PullWithPurpose2013Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean you have to stop pulling with purpose.

There’s a new training space in Nyack with 3500 square feet to lift weights, row Concept 2 ergometers and other amenities for athletes to train indoors during the winter months. The public is invited to get in shape at the new facility opened by The River Rowing Association (RRA) at 256 Main Street in Nyack. The former warehouse, located on the north side of Main Street west of Midland Avenue, will also offer rowing “spin” classes for both beginners and experienced rowers.

The Case For Rowing–Strength, endurance, balance and perseverance are the characteristics of a good rower.  A well-trained  rower combines these while perfectly synchronizing with one’s teammates – often under  pressure of rigorous competition. Done right, rowing looks effortless – yet it is far from easy to  master.

Rowing has significant health benefits; works every major muscle group of the body, providing efficient, well-balanced exercise. Rowers develop extremely strong cardiovascular and  aerobic systems and are among the fittest of all athletes. The rhythmic, non-jarring motion of the  rowing stroke is a valuable skill that one can use for life to maintain fitness. Adults can row well  into their eighties. Rowing can also suit athletes that are mentally or physically limited by injury or  congenital condition.

Elite rowers are among the most conditioned athletes in the world, but nearly anyone with the desire to row can learn if they’re willing to practice. If you want the camaraderie that comes from a team sport, the fitness derived from rigorous exercise, and the pleasure of being out on the water in a sleek shell powered by you and your teammates – come join us. We offer programs for nearly all age levels – from junior high school through adult. Experienced coaches run everything from learn-to-row programs for complete  novices to strenuous workouts for athletes training for competition. Our programs have produced championship crews and many of our high school athletes go on to row in  college. But whether you plan to row in college, or simply want to enjoy the experience of rowing in high school, we welcome your participation.

 Youth Sessions

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  • Novice/ JV: Tue- Fri 3:30-5p, Sat: 9-10:30a.
  • Modified: Tue, Thur: 5-6:30p  Sat. 10-11:30a.
  • Varsity: Tue-Fri 4:30-6:30p  Sat: 7:30a-9:30a
  • “A Team”: Monday 4-6p Saturday 3-5p

We generally meet Mondays through Fridays and Saturday in the early morning, but if you are interested in additional times, private classes or walk ins, we would welcome additions to our roster.

For more information email or visit

Pull with Purpose!

Peter Klose is the Secretary and Director of the River Rowing Association 


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