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What We Did During Your 2014 Summer Vacation

Stories You May Have Missed By Students You Might Just Know

Nyack Oct 13 — Summer’s gone, September’s a memory and in a few days it will be Halloween. While you were traveling abroad, lounging on the beach, hob-nobing in the Hamptons or sleeping in during your staycation, you might have missed some good stuff that happened in town. Not to worry: NyackNewsAndViews’ summer interns have got you covered.

Last Spring we put out the call for student interns. From May-August they’ve been hard at work writing features and creating video content about our community. Here’s a review of their work over the last few months in case you’ve missed it:

Summer might be over but NyackNewsAndView accepts interns all year round. Write to if you are interested!

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Photo Credit: Sean Lynch; Video Production Credit: Gabby Curtis


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