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Snark Alley: Can You Believe What Facebook Did?

by Dan White

According to a June 2014 study by social scientists at Facebook, Cornell and UC San Francisco,  emotions can spread among users of online social networks.

“People who had positive content experimentally reduced on their Facebook news feed, for one week, used more negative words in their status updates. When news feed negativity was reduced, the opposite pattern occurred: significantly more positive words were used in peoples’ status updates,” says Jeff Hancock, a Cornell University professor of communications. — Source:


How does this cartoon make you feel? (Check all that apply)

[column size=”one-third”]
Nostalgic [/column]

[column size=”two-third” last=”true”]
In The Mood For Love
In The Mood For Antiquing
Man, I really need a cat
That man is making eyes at my wife!
Satan is OK!


Dan White lives in Nyack with his wife and son. When he’s not working as an editor in Manhattan, he draws and writes blogs at Sarah Loves Picnics and Uncle Otto’s Free Fun Coloring Pages.


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