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Five Weeks of Wellness: Judith Rose

FWOW_Judith Rose_Portraitby DJ Carcovia

Judith Rose has been a part of the community of therapeutic movement practitioners in Nyack for more than three decades. She was drawn to Nyack by the allure of the Hudson River, the nurturing atmosphere of a village where the local shop owners become your friends and the vibrant artistic scene. “I wanted to be a part of that rich life.”

The philosophy behind her therapeutic practice is simple “Accepting that nothing is more certain in life then uncertainty.” Hurricane Sandy in 2012 tested that precept when both her studio and home were virtually destroyed.  For eight months, Judith found herself displaced and was only recently able to move back home and reopen her studio for private sessions.

FWOW_Judith Rose_ Sandy Damage_revised

Hurricane Sandy damage

The biggest loss for Judith was her connection with her past. She lost letters from both her grandfather and father, old family photos, choreography journals that took years to assemble, and other creative works including her memoir, hand written in five leather bound volumes.  All these precious possessions were reduced to a pile of muddy debris.

Rose used her home for work and to entertain. “To have that home ripped away, rendered homeless in a few minutes was a real hardship.”

Help from friends, colleagues and the generous response of local shopkeepers, all contributed to her recovery.  “When we visit the depths, whether through our own initiation or through outside stimulus, we have an astonishing opportunity to slay the dragons in our dungeons – to face the patterns that bind us and become more congruent, but that takes a great deal of body, spirit and stamina.” Not to mention a lot of deep breathing.

Judith has studied a variety of movement arts including yoga, t’ai chi, modern and Afro-Caribbean dance, as well as diverse kinesthetic healing modalities and has incorporated all of them into her Vital Movement programs.“My vision comes from the days when our movement danced with the earth. It awakens our life force and allows us to heal ourselves.”

FWOW_Judith Rose_After Sandy

Roses’ Studio Restored

Giving back to her clients allowed her to heal. Working with others and taking the focus off of herself, she was able to open up and move forward.

Judith, a long time Jungian, has relied on a quote from the works of Carl Jung’s Red Book, to find peace and come to terms with her recent challenges. It reads: “We make the path by going on.”

You can find Judith at Birchwood Center on Mondays from 5:30- 7p or call he at (845) 358-2617 for an appointment in her studio. 

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