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Eagles Dine on Floating Sushi Bar

by Ray Wright

I have seen eagles eating a deer killed by coyotes on Lake Tappan. In Asateague Island, Maryland, I watched an eagle eating a cormorant. But their food of choice is fish.  They catch fish on the top of the water with their claws.

My wife and I have watched eagles competing for the front position on ice floes on the Hudson. It’s an ideal spot for them to fish. Barbara calls it surfing, I call it trolling.

They also like to fly low near big ships. The bow of the ship makes a wake that pushes fish to the top.  Unlike ospreys, who dive under the water for their food, eagles only take fish from the surface. Or steal fish from osprey or other eagles.

And once they make a catch, the ice makes a perfect sushi bar.

Photo Credit: ©2014 Ray Wright

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