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Local Arts Index: Dylan Kelehan

LAI_Dylan Kelehan_PortraitFor over a century, our region has been home to extraordinary artists. Local Arts Index highlights the work of individuals who continue our community’s rich creative legacy.

Meet rocker Dylan Kelehan.

How Did You Become an Artist?

I have always been an artist. I am a medium through which art flows. The art is already there. I simply channel it and focus it into something tangible that can be enjoyed.

Pursuing art makes me exceptionally happy and driven. To be whole, I must create art.
My art form is music.  My favorite genre of music is Rock.  Even though I listen to all kinds of music, I just enjoy the intensity of Rock and the feeling and emotions it invokes.  Specifically heavier classic rock like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin,  the atmospheric and progressive rock of Pink Floyd and 90’s grunge like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains as well as some contemporary artists like Band of Skulls and Muse.

The kind of art I make, takes the form of my unique experiences, coupled with what I have heard and what I have enjoyed over the past 28 years.

What’s Your Muse?

Life and the absurdity and grandeur of it inspire me to create art.  My amazing partner, Rebecca Pringle, inspires me on a daily basis to be better. Being a better person, helps me to be a better artist and reveals new aspects of life that can be focused into creativity.

Going to concerts and watching the spectacle of these amazing artists sharing their art is one of the most motivating forces to go home and practice!

What’s Next?

Currently I am working on my forthcoming debut album as a solo artist and am in the process of re-branding myself as Dylan Kaye. I expect the album to be out in late spring or early summer. The album features all original songs with me performing all the instruments.

On February 22, my Nyack friends and I will be performing both Pink Floyd albums Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here in their entirety at the Nyack Center.

Tickets are available at

Dylan’s School of Music is located in Alto Music in Airmont 845-323-1281

The video for A brothers love was produced by Dylan Kelehan and Sam Waymon and recorded by Kevin Lacy. The tribute to Nina Simone was performed at the Bitter End and features Sam Waymon on piano and vocals, Dylan Kelehan on guitar and harmony, Colin Pohl on Sax, Richard Bozek on drums, Dan Anderson on bass and harmony, Rango Smith on percussion, Larry White on percussion and Pat Jones on guitar.

Learn more about Dylan at

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