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OTown Election: Taxes, Sewers and Police

OrangetownTownHall201310by Eugene DuBow

The town election is one all too many people in Nyack, S. Nyack, Grandview and Piermont stay home for. They somehow do not see Orangetown as a political entity that affects their lives. They’re wrong!

Many of the streets of Orangetown, which they use, are cared for by the town. They rely on the town police force to keep them safe. The South Nyack-Grand view police cooperate closely with them.

The sewer system which most don’t think about is a town responsibility.

We all pay town taxes so economic development is critical to keep them low.

Much that has happened in a positive way over the last few years has been brought about by our vigorous and future oriented Town Supervisor, Andy Stewart. He’s a strong environmentalist and not one of those backroom political types.

More could be done if Andy had a more cooperative board. Dan Salmon and Annmarie Uhl are running with him. In addition, Chris Smith is running for Receiver of Taxes promising to do away with that useless and expensive post. If we want progress we should consider them.

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The town impacts upon us more directly than Washington or Albany. We should all think about it and then get out and vote on Nov. 5th. We’ll be doing ourselves a favor.

Eugene DuBow is an Orangetown resident living in South Nyack.

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