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Smith Says He’s Running For Half A Job

ChrisSmithRecvrTaxes201309by Chris Smith, candidate for Orangetown Receiver of Taxes

In light of the newly released supervisor’s budget, it’s clear that Orangetown needs innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to boost our local government’s effectiveness, while also consolidating it to relieve the burden on taxpayers. Our town has glaring financial troubles, and we need forward thinking elected officials who are willing to make sacrifices of their own for the benefit of the general public. For that reason, I’ve pushed for the elimination of the office of Receiver of Taxes, and why, if elected, I will cut my own salary in half on the first day, and reduce the office into a part-time position outside of tax collection season in order to ease the costs to taxpayers. Part-time staffing is an idea that has been embraced successfully by other towns, and it is simply common sense: if additional staff is unnecessary, then why waste taxpayers’ money?

After starting my campaign, which has been founded upon the principle of eliminating the office of Receiver of Taxes, the Town Council has unanimously passed a resolution that will put a referendum on the November ballot allowing Orangetown citizens to vote on consolidating the office with the Town Clerk’s office, a move that could save taxpayers hundreds of the thousands of dollars. Furthermore, my plan to reduce the Receiver of Taxes’ salary by 50% would save additional tens of thousands of dollars, and keeping the office part-time except for tax collection season will only increase the savings. I cannot, in good faith, ask the citizens of Orangetown to make sacrifices if I am not willing to make sacrifices of my own.

In a time of economic difficulty, people don’t need self-interested bureaucracy, but efficiency, sacrifice, and cost-effective public service. They need elected officials with the fortitude to make tough decisions, and the foresight to realize when change is needed. To get back on the path to prosperity, we need to do as much as we can to protect the wealth of our citizens.

Chris Smith is running for Receiver of Taxes in Orangetown, NY.

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