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Snark Alley: How Headstart Gets Past The Sequester

by Dan White

Remember the sequester and all of the headlines it got back in March? Seems like all of the bellyaching was for nothing — and life seems to have gone on Just Fine for most of us. That’s of course, after the immovable Congress decided to adjust some rules so that the FAA had the latitude to give airlines some altitude.

Well it turns out that not everyone who was affected by the sequester worked in the moving “Congressman and Senators around the country” business. In fact, a small group of constituents impacted by Headstart cuts don’t even have their own lobbyist! But have no fear, someone is looking out for this “tiny” minority.

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Dan White lives in Nyack with his wife and son. When he’s not working as an editor in Manhattan, he draws and writes blogs at Sarah Loves Picnics and Uncle Otto’s Free Fun Coloring Pages.
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