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What’s Old is New Again

by Glen Keene, JD, CPC

Attorney, certified professional coach and Internet TV show host Glen Keene gives practical tips to businesses and to future entrepreneurs to Enlighten, Engage and Empower to achieve success and full potential.

Living in an actively viable village provides a resident with many advantages. Most, if not all, of your daily needs are available within walking distance for those who live close to the central business district. Not having to use the car to dine out, get groceries, shop for clothes, get a haircut, manicure or massage is not only convenient it’s also environmentally friendly. There’s also the added healthy benefit that comes from walking.

As one who commuted to a distant office for over two decades I am grateful to live in a village that allows me to live within a short walk of my new office location. I do sometimes miss the dead time learning I used to do. I converted my car into a university on wheels by turning off the radio and listening to cds, primarily the motivational and transformational learning works of Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Les Brown and others. But, I digress.

Shopping locally is the ‘€˜new’ trend. Supporting local businesses helps to maintain the viability of the village. Local businesses pay taxes that help support the village government and pay for the services it provides, services we all depend upon. The taxes the businesses pay also keeps taxes lower for the village residents. If the businesses aren’t there to pay those taxes the burden would fall upon the residents to make up the difference.

A thriving business district is vital to maintaining property values throughout the village. The patrons drawn into the shops, stores, restaurants and entertainment venues coming from outside the village often see it as a great place to live. The greater the number of people who are interested in that possibility the higher the property values. It’s a function of demand versus inventory.

Before and during the construction of the Palisades Center shopping mall much of the discussion concerned the impact that it would have on local businesses, the ‘€˜Mom and Pop’ stores. The primary issue was how the new stores would drain away the customer base, leaving the local small businesses as empty storefronts.

Some who saw that possibility pointed to the experiences of many small towns ‘€˜invaded’ by a large and very well know big box superstore. The operators of that retailer convince the local authorities that building the superstore would improve the tax base, create jobs and provide other incentives for the community. In the end many of the local downtown areas were devastated, the tax base dwindled and some communities fell on economic hard times.

The Palisades Center did have a negative impact on the businesses in Nyack and the surrounding communities. But, the village found a way to revitalize and once again thrive. Go into town on a Saturday or Sunday evening and the sidewalks a pleasantly crowded. The downtown of Nyack is friendlier, cozier and more inviting than the mall. Yes, there may be a wider variety of selections for dining and shopping at the mall. But, the experience, ambiance, the sounds are uniquely Nyack.

Every Thursday the Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Farmer’s Market and the villages Street Scape Project is in the final stages. There is always something going on at the Nyack Village Theater, Elmwood Playhouse, Olive’s and other places in town. The new parking rules seem to be working for most people, so far. If you haven’t been to Nyack in a while now is a good time to come back. If you’ve recently taken advantage of the village’s hospitality, thanks for stopping by. And, hey, don’t be a stranger.

Glen Keene’s Spotlight on Success’ is streamed live every Wednesday at 6p from Glen’s guest on Wednesday August 1st is Orangetown Town Supervisor Andy Stewart. Please note the new start time for my internet TV show. On August 1st we will be on the ‘€˜air’ at 6pm, a half hour earlier.

Email, visit or call 845-445-2411 with questions about Glen’s column, his show or his practice at 99 Main Street in Nyack, NY.

No legal advice is intended or implied herein.

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