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Abandoned And Dangerous

Nyack, July 8 — It might be a sign of the times. Or it might just be a sign that public safety supersedes all other concerns. Nyack’s Building Department will post special signs on vacant and abandoned buildings to tell the Nyack Fire Department about the safety level of the structures and whether or not firefighters should enter the building.

According to and the National Fire Protection Association, more firefighters are injured while working at empty and abandoned properties than any other location.

Each 24 inch square sign has a white reflective border against a red background. A “/”  tells first responders that structural or interior hazards may exist and interior fire-fighting or rescue operations should be conducted with extreme caution. An “X” indicates interior hazards exist to a degree that consideration should be given to limit fire fighting to exterior operations only, with entry only occurring for known life hazards.

These buildings have a greater risk of fire and injury because they are susceptible to vandalism and the utilities necessary to run fire suppression systems may have been turned off when the buildings were abandoned.

Nyack’s Building Department will decide which buildings will be marked. Property owners will be charged a fee for each sign placement.

Source: Village of Nyack

See also: Vacant and Abandoned Building Marking Systems, 4/18/2011

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