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Spotlight on Business: Find Your Passion

by Glen Keene, JD, CPC

Lawyer and professional coach Glen Keene gives practical tips to businesses about improving customer and employee relationships and expanding their customer base and more.

Enthusiastic, energetic, committed, eager, full of life. These are terms used to describe those who have an obvious joy for what they do. They are passionate about their business or vocation and that passion shines through in everything they do. As the great American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote ‘€œNothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’€ Enthusiasm is passion.

Do you get up in the morning raring to go? Do you enjoy what you do so much that you would do it for free? When you tell others what you do for a living do you do it with a smile and a twinkle in your eye? If you do then you are one of the few who has found your passion.

People who are passionate seem to radiate. They have a glow about them that often lights up those around them. They smile and laugh easily. They are engaging, happy and have a love for life. Usually they are genuinely interested in and concerned about other people.

Have you ever been so absorbed by a task that you’ve lost track of time? Have you paid so much attention to the task that you didn’t hear the phone ring or notice the other people in the room? Have you ever been so determine to complete what you were doing that you forgot to eat? That’s passion.

Or perhaps you’ve found something so compelling, like a good book, a work of art, an activity like, say, mountain climbing, that you had to find someone to share it with? Whatever it may be it was something that it made you just want to hug the world with gratitude. That’s passion.

But, what do you do if you don’t feel that way about your business, job or vocation? How do you create that passion in your life? How do you become that person who enjoys what they do and that other people enjoy being around?

Passion is not something you can learn. You simply cannot be passionate about something you do not like or enjoy. I can’t teach you passion. But, I can tell you how to find it. It comes from within. You already have it you just have to understand how to tap into the reservoir that lies beneath the surface of your consciousness. To find your passion you must first know your purpose.

Your purpose is that which you were meant to be, what you are on this earth to do. It is the reason you are here at this time and at this place. Your purpose, when you find it and know it, will ignite your passion. When you are serving you purpose your passion will come alive and you will feel the joy.

Only you can find your purpose. Only you can know what it is when you find it. And to find it requires a journey into your subconscious mind. Others can guide you and tell you the process of the journey, how to get there. But, purpose is not given to you. It is innate, part of your DNA, what really makes you tick.

For those reading this that have found and know their purpose you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know yours or haven’t found it yet take heart. The journey is not arduous or difficult at all. Most people find it somewhat by accident, so to speak. They are passionate about what they do with their time and are simply following their heart. They are serving their purpose without a real conscious effort.

If that describes you, congratulations and keep up the good work. If not, do the following; consider what you like to do. Think of all the things you do and make special note of the ones you enjoy the most, the ones the make you smile or give you goose bumps. Perhaps your passionate about music, drawing, building things, writing or teaching. It could be anything and it likely falls within one of several broad categories of purpose such as educator, healer, builder, writer and others.

If you take the journey you will find you purpose and you will know it instinctively. Once you’ve found your purpose you will know your passion. And, you will know what it is you want to do. Now you will just have to find a way to monetize it and make your vocation feel like a continuous vacation. Enjoy the trip.

Glen is an attorney, certified professional coach and host of ‘€˜Spotlight on Success’ streamed live every Wednesday at 6:30p from Glen’s guest on May 23 is Success Coach Joe Cohen. Joe is assisting Glen as editor of his soon-to-be published book ‘€˜There Are No Secrets.’

Email, visit or call 845-548-1769 with questions about Glen’s column, his program or his practice.

This article is for information purposes only. No legal advice is intended nor may it be assumed or implied.

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