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Worthy Causes 2011: These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Looking for a last minute tax deduction before you need to start writing 2012 on your checks? Here are some 2011 worthy causes recommended by NyackNewsAndViews readers.

  • Arts Angels: “If you believe in the arts, Arts Angels Inc. is a 501C3 organization that was created to support all the arts in the Nyack School District — visual arts through Artworks, drama throught Dramaworks, and music through Musicworks. Support our talented students by becoming a member or donating to Arts Angels. Visit us at to learn more about this excellent charity and our Works committees!” — Vera Rulon
  • The American Red Cross: “The Red Cross is always there when people need them most. If it’s a fire at your home or a disaster affecting millions, the Red Cross is always there and ready to help.” — Adam Lipson
  • The Democratic Party: “This year…all of my donations are going to Democratic candidates running in 2012, to regain leverage in the House and Senate if Romney gets the presidency.” — Mary Buchbinder
  • DramaWorks: “I would encourage everyone who has the means to donate, consider donating to DramaWorks. This non profit tax deduction helps support the students in the Nyack schools that offers help with costs of productions, scholarships and workshops. Everyone who has seen any of the wonderful productions know just how incredible our performing arts are and hopefully can give back to all the smiles it has given us all.” — Cris Spezial
  • People to People — “Every month, People to People helps nearly 1,200 Rockland households put food on the table.  PtoP uses its resources wisely to feed Rockland’s hungry: 94% of all funds raised go directly to People to People programs; only 6% is spent on operations.” — Diane Serratore
  • Planned Parenthood of Hudson Peconic: “For many of us that grew up in the 1960’€²s, 1970’€²s and 1980’€²s, Planned Parenthood is where we went for many of birth control, cancer screening or other women’s healthcare issues. There local and national presence, their availability and their consistent care has touch the lives of thousands, if not millions, in our community over the past 40 years.” — Adam Lipson
  • The River Rowing Association ‘€” ‘€œThe RRA trains roughly 80 youth during both the spring and fall rowing seasons. We provide all our programs at a subsidized cost in order to make our programs more affordable.  Our annual community fundraiser and row-a-thon has raised over $30,000 for the Nyack Center in the last four years. Working with the YMCA’s summer camp, we run an outreach program which provides free instruction for participants from low income families.  And last July the RRA partnered with the Helen Hayes Rehabilitative Hospital to offer an adaptive program for athletes with disabilities.’€ ‘€” Peter Klose, River Rowing Association
  • The Rockland Family Shelter:  “For more than 30 years, The Rockland Family Shelter has been the place where woman have turned when there was no place else for them to go. They have been at the forefront of women’s right to live safely and have had a consistent presence in our county protecting countless thousands of lives.” — Adam Lipson
  • VCS: “Since 1970 this non-profit family service agency has provided counseling, community and social justice programs. VCS created Gay Pride Rockland in 1999, held each year since then in Nyack – as well as LGBT monthly community programs held at the Nyack Library, Nyack Center and other Nyack locations. — Phyllis B. Frank
  • Wikipedia — “Baby Boomers may remember their parents spending hundreds to buy a set of Funk & Wagnalls, Encyclopedia Britannica or World Books to give their kids every educational advantage. Now you get all of that and more — for “free” — updated every day on Wikipedia. But it isn’t free — quality costs. Think of  how many times you reference Wikipedia each year and consider making a modest donation.” — Dave Zornow

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