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2011 Closing Statements: Nyack Mayor

The two candidates for the Mayor of Nyack are incumbent Richard Kavesh, who is running as an independent,  and challenger Jen White who won the Democratic primary election in September. Last August, both candidates answered questions posed by NyackNewsAndViews in our “Issue of The Week” series, covering

  • Nyack’s Downtown Business District (Kavesh, White)
  • Consolidation / Shared Services (White)
  • Superblock / Downtown redevelopment (Kavesh, White)

Here are closing statements from both candidates for the mayor of the Village of Nyack. Candidates are listed in random order.

Richard Kavesh: Ever since I took office in 2001, I’ve worked tirelessly to improve village services; control spending; increase federal funding; modernize our infrastructure; add parking spaces to the downtown; make our government more transparent; and, most importantly, resolve the day-to-day concerns of people like you.

When it comes to the mega-issue of a new Tappan Zee Bridge, I’ve said since 1998 that if we’re going to get a new bridge, it has to have mass transit.

The tough times we’re in require a proven leader with the courage to fight for Nyack and the vision and judgment to help our village grow in the right direction. The defining issue in this election is the ‘€œSuperblock.’€

The current proposals for the Superblock are economically unfeasible and could leave village tax payers “holding the bag” for millions of dollars. Superblock backers don’t have a ‘€œPlan B’€ if it fails, much less a ‘€œPlan A’€ for it to succeed.

My alternative vision is for a privately-funded, privately operated arts center built right on the Riverspace site. It could have several theaters suitable for cinema and other artistic activities, commercial development fronting Main St., and a small hotel on top.

This plan will add jobs, increase ratables, and revitalize Nyack’s economy and cultural life without costing taxpayers any money or any village land. It would require no additional parking and we would lose no parking at all.

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Here are a few other priorities for Nyack. Let’s:

  • Broaden our tax base through responsible, green development that keeps our village a village
  • Negotiate with the river villages to consolidate services
  • Get better control over our downtown’s chaotic night life
  • Form a Business Improvement District
  • Continue to modernize our streets, sidewalks and other infrastructure

You’ll find many more ideas at

So if you’re looking for a responsive and responsible candidate with a proven record of integrity, experience and results, you’ll find me on Row 13D or Row 13E. Thank you very much for the honor of working for you.


Jen White:I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the Village of Nyack for their support during this election season. During this process, I have made new friends and reconnected with some old friends that I don’t see often enough. I have learned about your hopes and concerns and I would be honored to serve you as Mayor.

As I have shown through my time as Deputy Mayor and Trustee, I am available around the clock when emergencies arise and on a daily basis to address the business of the village.

Together, we have faced flood waters and power outages. Extreme weather will continue to threaten our homes and our power grid. As Mayor, I will aggressively negotiate with regional governments and Orange and Rockland to protect the interests of the village. As Mayor, I will actively seek, and, in fact am already doing so, solutions to our flooding problem.

Together, we have advocated for mass transit on the Tappan Zee Bridge and successfully fought to keep an effective and popular police officer on the beat protecting our homes and businesses.
We have worked together to reduce excessive noise and litter in our downtown and to solve economic hardships facing our downtown.

I have been endorsed by Governor Cuomo, Congressman Elliot Engel; State Senator David Carlucci and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee along with many residents and business people from our community. Their faith in my ability to get things done during these difficult economic times is a tremendous honor and one I will uphold.

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Nyack is a diverse community of talented and dedicated people. We do not want it to be a community of overwhelming development or a place that people fear to come because of chaos or punitive parking issues. Before I support any program or project; I will consider how the plan would impact our children, our seniors and our most vulnerable residents.

Working together, we can protect the historic legacy of our river village and restore and preserve this way of life for our children; where our streets are beautiful, our storefronts are full and with a turn of our heads we can gaze out at the mighty and healthy Hudson and an active waterfront.

I believe that if you consider what I have been able to get done over the last few years, and my ability to forge coalitions and consensus, you can imagine how much I can accomplish as your Mayor. That is why I ask for your vote on Tuesday. Thank you.

Nyack People & Places, a weekly series that features photos and profiles of citizens and scenes near Nyack, NY, is sponsored by Sun River Health.

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