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OPD: High End Vehicle Alert

by Orangetown Police Detective Lieutenant Jim Brown

Recently in several neighboring communities, thieves have begun to target ‘€œhigh end’€ vehicles for theft. Models such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Acura are usually targeted. These vehicles have apparently been targeted due to their ‘€œkeyless’€ push button type starters and the fact that owners frequently leave a key fob or vanity key in the vehicle.

The Orangetown Police reminds all residents to properly secure their vehicles when they are not using them.  You should lock your cars even on your driveway. If you own a vehicle with the above describe type of starter, never leave a key fob or vanity key in the vehicle.

In a little over a month daylight savings time will end and it will be dark earlier. Residents are asked to consider that when they leave for the day, leave lights on and a radio playing. If you have motion lights,  make sure that they are working properly. Finally, if you have an alarm system, please set it.


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