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Marriage Equality Act Seaport Celebration

NYS Senator David Carlucci, Assembly Members Ellen Jaffee and Ken Zebrowksi

by Richard Kavesh

Nyack, July 6 — More than 150 supporters of New York’s Marriage Equality Act jammed the Nyack Seaport on Wednesday night to honor and celebrate Rockland’s three state legislators who voted for the recently-passed, historic legislation. The celebration was organized by Volunteer Counseling Services (VCS) of Rockland.

The legislators ‘€“ Senator David Carlucci and Assembly Members Ellen Jaffee and Kenneth Zebrowski ‘€“ were hailed by VCS Director Phyllis Frank, County Legislative Chair Harriet Cornell, and former Nyack Mayor John Shields for their political courage and strong leadership that made New York the sixth and largest state in the nation to recognize same-sex marriages.

Shields, who sued the Town of Orangetown and New York State for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses to him and his partner in 2004, praised all of Rockland’s local, state, and federal representatives who demonstrated their support for ‘€œliberty and justice for all ‘€“without exceptions.’€

Shields also read a statement from New York State Senator Tom Duane: ‘€œThis year Rockland County, and in particular Nyack, should be proud of their elected officials who fought for and won the right for same-sex couples to marry the ones they love.’€

The legislation takes effect on July 24, 2011..

Photo Credit: Richard Kavesh

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