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Orangetown Democrats Select Candidates

by Suzanne Barclay

Orangetown, May 31 — The Orangetown Democratic Committee met Tuesday to choose candidates for the County Legislature, Town Clerk, Town Supervisor and Town Council.

The convention nominated the following slate of candidates for the November election:

  • County Legislature
    • District 10 ‘€“ Harriet Cornell
    • District 16 ‘€“ Eliot Tozer
    • District 17 ‘€“ Nancy Low Hogan
  • Town Supervisor ‘€“ Andy Stewart
  • Town Council (2) ‘€“ Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, Robert Dell
  • Town Clerk ‘€“ Charlotte Madigan

Over 70 Democratic Committee people attended as well as several candidates for office and elected officials.

The convention chose from three outstanding candidates for Town Council. In addition to Reichlin-Melnick and Dell, Gerald Bottari received many votes but ultimately lost in a close vote to the other two candidates. It is unclear if there will be a primary in September for the council seats.

Another dramatic moment came when committee members threatened to withhold support from long time Town Clerk Charlotte Madigan if she once again accepted the Republican Party line. Ms. Madigan assured the committee members she would not accept the line but indicated she would, once again, run on the Conservative line. A majority of members present, finding Madigan’s pledge acceptable, voted to endorse her.

The Orangetown Democratic Committee is still seeking candidates to run for the positions of Town Justice and Highway Superintendent.

The purpose of the committee nominations is to get the backing of a party in collecting signatures to get on a ballot. The benefit of an endorsement is that committee members will “carry” the endorsed candidate’s petitions and obtain signatures for them.  The committee can also help in a number of other ways – fund raising, walking door-to-door, phone banks and lawn signs and a myriad of other tasks that accompanies every campaign.

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Suzanne Barclay is a member of the Orangetown Democratic Committee.

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