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Nyack Makes 2011 Appointments

Nyack, Jan 3 — The Village of Nyack kicked off the new year making appointments to staff positions and village committees. Here is the list of 2011 appointments:

Deputy Mayor- 1 year Jennifer Laird-White
Village Treasurer’€“ 2 year John Malesardi
Village Clerk ‘€“ 2 year Mary E. White
Registrar ‘€“ 1 year Mary E. White
Tax Collector ‘€“ 1 year Mary E. White
Village Attorney ‘€“ 1 year Walter R. Sevastian
Deputy Village Clerk ‘€“ 1 year Rosa Martinez
Deputy Village Treasurer- 1 year Rosa Martinez
Deputy Registrar ‘€“ 1 year Rosa Martinez
Acting Village Justice ‘€“ 1 year Robert P. Lewis
Planning Board Member ‘€“ 5 year Peter Voletsky
Planning Board Chair ‘€“ 1 year Peter Klose
Zoning Board of Appeals Chair’€“ 5 year Catherine Friesen
Zoning Board of Appeals Chair’€“ 1 year Catherine Friesen
Architectural Review Board Member ‘€“ 5 year T. Robbins Brown
Architectural Review Board Chair ‘€“ 1 year Eileen Kuster Collins
Water Commissioner ‘€“ 5 year Michael Kaneletz
Water Commissioner Chair ‘€“ 1 year Michael Kaneletz
Parks Commissioner ‘€“ 6 year Darryl Brownlee
Parks Commissioner (Chair) ‘€“ 1 year James Wilcox
Parks Commissioner (V.Chair) ‘€“ 1 year Bert Hughes
Village Historian ‘€“ 1 year Carol Weiss
Village Engineer ‘€“ 1 year Brooker Engineering PLLC
Maintenance Mechanic & Fire
Alarm Inspector ‘€“ 1 year Victor Overton

Local officials at the 2011 Nyack Reorganization meeting. From L to R: Nyack Trustee Steve Knowlton, NYS Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, Nyack Deputy Mayor Jen White, Mayor Richard Kavesh, Trustee Louise Parker, Trustee Doug Foster, NYS Senator David Carlucci

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