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TV Tonight: Decisions, Decisions.

Nyack, Jan 25 — Here’s a mini-planning guide for your information and entertainment choices this evening.

The Nyack Board of Education meets this evening as does the Orangetown Trustees. Beyond Rockland County there’s the State of The Union address at 9p, too. Other choices include NCIS, Cupcake Wars, Dirty Jobs, Biggest Loser and Mean Girls. Decisions, decisions.

Some of us start planning early — like Congressman Eliot Engel. About 12 hours before the State of The Union Address, he usually stakes out a good seat on the aisle so he can shake the president’s hand and be seen on TV. He’s an old hand at this — he’s had a seat on the aisle for the State of The Union since 1989.

Of course, you could just DVR the State Of The Union and just watch it tomorrow — like all of the other shows on C-SPAN you tape and watch later (ok, have you ever met anyone who has recorded — and then subsequently watched something on C-SPAN?

On each Election Day we have at least three choices — by choosing between two candidates — or choosing not to vote at all. Over the next 24 hours all of us will make a similar civic minded decision about what to watch (or not watch) and whom we should listen to (or not listen to).

Just like deciding to read this article, paying attention is a decision we consciously make.

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