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Native Alaskan Says: Enough Snow In Nyack

Even native Alasksans are fed up with the Rockland’s winter weather.

“Let me just say… enough already. I know I am from Alaska and I am supposed to love the snow, but let me clarify something. I do love the snow, but I don’t like walking in it everywhere I go,” says Hannah Ross in her My Latte Life blog.

“There are a few differences with Alaska and New York winters. Alaska is dry NY is humid. Therefore, when it is 20 degrees here, it often feels like zero degrees. It is a cold that I cannot even describe except to say it is cold to the bone! It is completely different than AK. And the wind comes off the Hudson and through the valley and is absolutely ridiculous. Winter in the city it crazy cold! The wind just whips through the buildings and your face almost falls off.”

Ross, who is a paralegal living in Nyack,  also has a few observations about NY’s snow plows and the merits of sand versus salt to keep cars from sliding off the road.


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